Good and Bad Carbohydrates

Good Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates provide energy to build cells like health-giving killer white blood cells. They also play a role in building tissue of all types. They come from starches and sugars from grains, fruit and sugar additives.

Sugar excess can cause fatty liver because sugar is half fructose and fructose is the culprit. Glucose is the natural energy sugar and is good in abundance but not excess.

Fruit sugar is fructose. Eat the whole fruit and your body will process this healthily. Eat to excess as added sugar and it will cause obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver. (

Sugar in soft drink.

Most soft drinks have about 15 teaspoonsfuls of sugar per bottle.

Many packaged foods have substituted fats for added sugar to obtain an acceptable taste.

“Diet” Coke contains fructose instead of sugar! Many “diabetic” sweets also do the same.

The body disposes of excess blood glucose (derived from all sugars that you eat) with the hormone insulin.


Insulin – the natural hormone controlling blood glucose levels allows glucose to enter cells for energy and storage. Insulin’s other little-known job is to store energy as fat. And here’s the rub. It can trigger the conversion of carbohydrates into fat and store that.

Insulin Resistance and obesity

That’s OK – as long as you burn off the stored energy. The problem is, by overdoing the carbohydrates, your body stores more energy than it burns. So, excess glucose triggers so much insulin that – over time – your cell walls become resistant to its action and are denied glucose. They then starve, demand more Glucose by making you hungry and so you eat more from rebound cravings. All the while, this stops leptin hormones from appearing, so you can’t use the stored fat for energy.


Your blood contains protein – without which your circulation will collapse. While it is true that the body makes its own protein, many “experts” have almost led us to believe by default that you don’t need very much in your diet. The simple fact is that our body can only make its own protein by eating other protein, breaking it down into tiny parts (called amino acids) and re-building it. That means to you that only by eating protein foods can you grow plenty of strong, healthy muscle, nerves and bone.


Your body makes eighty percent of its own cholesterol because it needs it. It is part of your fat transport mechanism, it is changed by your body’s biochemistry to make steroid hormones which control your sex drive, resistance to infection, trauma recovery and strength.


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