Childhood skin health

Childhood skin health

Itchy skin rash Case Study

The following study has been subjected to Peer Review and published in a Natural Medicine journal.

The following case study applies to a child but the general principles I used can be equally applied to an adult. The difference is a little time and a little patience and of course, an adult approach to dietary, nutritional, herbal and homœopathic medicines and therapeutic applications such as frequency specific tissue therapy.

Case Study “Kevin” G. is a 2/12 Y.O. boy who is reported as hyperactive and “has a weak immune system”. “He catches everything going around and is generally quite sick with it”. He has had his itchy skin rash for some time and his mother has used prior medication (Diprosone) with only temporary results. He is on the bottom quartile of height and weight. His eyes were clouded and dull-looking and he presented as quite listless and apathetic. His urine sample indicated a high degree of “leaky gut” and also a urine study with tests called multistix strips showed a 2+ for leukocytes and also 2+ for haemoglobin, perhaps indicating that the itchy skin rash had also become infected, the child had developed leaky gut and his kidneys were becoming damaged. I conducted an iris examination – using the principles of Iridology – and his Iris signs indicated a lesion in the kidney and also bowel pocketing (an Iridology term for distressed bowels, often caused by parasites and/or leaky gut).

I suggested that she have his urinary tract infection (UTI) checked out medically. She said he had had antibiotics previously but not for that particular UTI issue (that had never been investigated) and did not want another course of those and refused to seek further medical help, saying that she wanted to go the natural way for a change. She agreed that if we achieved no change in a week, she would visit a medico, as the child was close to being a medical emergency.

I proceeded to advise KG’s mum to give him: a regime of food and some supplements that responded to our testing as being OK for him. I compounded an emollient cream containing nutrients and herbal extracts that was formulated especially for his needs, to be applied three times daily. I also advised cleaning his skin with a non-soap cleanser. We avoided using certain herbs because of medication management issues and resolved to take further action in a week as promised if he hadn’t improved. The natural therapy cream I concocted was designed to eliminate inflammation and infection.

One week later, K’s urine tested clear for leukocytes and blood. His itchy skin rash had started to fade. A month later, the itchy skin rash had cleared, he presented with more “zip” and hadn’t caught another cold. Six months later, the itchy skin rash had not returned, he had not caught any more colds and was now displaying normal inquisiteveness and co-operation, and was engaging freely with parents and peers. K’s mum had originally come for a preconception preparation. for help in attaining another pregnancy, as well as K’s itchy skin rash.

Mum’s preconception programme – a success!

She had previously become inexplicably infertile and had been trying to become pregnant for a year. She was placed on Phil’s nutritional and herbal preconception programme and is now happily four months pregnant. K still has no signs of itchy skin rash eight months later.

To make it easier, being also compounding chemists, we manufacture in our own lab the supplements that are as near-to-perfect as we can make them.

Wade’s Itchy skin rash cream. Contains ingredients as described above.

Restore mineral balance. We suggest that the most efficient way to do this is with our Wade’s Mineral Capsules. These capsules have been formulated to provide all 72 of the minerals or trace elements that your body needs – not just a few that are seen in popular “multivitamins”. And they are made in our own lab. Our mineral capsules give you your daily calcium needs also as well as the dozens of trace elements that drive your body’s myriad of chemical “systems” within your cells that are critical to health. Importantly, they are balanced in the proportion that the body needs them.

Treat leaky gut. A simple test, called Urinary Indicans, determines whether or not you have this condition. If you do, it is well worth finding out and treating it with a protocol that includes Wade’s Healthy Gut Mix. This Gut Mix is also made in our lab. and is a special “recipe” of ingredients that is designed to treat and restore your gut to normal. This enables normal digestion and assimilation of vital nutrients from your diet. Incidentally, pathology labs charge over $100 for this test.

Eliminate possible food allergy. Food allergy can be a major cause of leaky gut and you may be prone to this issue when your immune system is at a low ebb. A simple in-house test will help us to determine the probable range of foods that you can tolerate and thrive on and also those that are not good for you. The test costs $12

Foods for atopic people. We have especially devised the lists of compatible foods and those that are not recommended for your phenotype. We issue these according to the results of the tests. Cost: $25,00

Test for low zinc reserves. Zinc can be deficient in your diet and your body needs lots of it at this time. If it needs replenishing, then it must be accompanied with five select nutrients that work along with zinc in your body. Supplementing with zinc on its own may be dangerous. That’s why we manufacture our own Zinac capsules in the lab. The test costs $10. The capsules cost $39 for one month’s supply. We suggest liquid zinc if the child is unable to swallow capsules. Cost: $18 per bottle. Must be prescribed by consultation.

Assess for vitamin deficiency. One of the causes of what I laughingly call “teenage schizophrenia” is deficiency of certain of the B group vitamins. We can go a long way to determining if your child or you are suffering from a dietary deficiency of these by filling in our “Nutrition Assessment” questionnaire. You can obtain one of these by contacting our office. If you believe that supplementing with vitamins is for you, we make a pleasant-to-take vitamin powder that is fizzy when you dissolve it in water. The fizzy stuff is all natural. It is popular with children and adults and – you guessed it – is balanced. I have resorted to making this myself because it is vital to ensure that B group vitamins are combined in the correct proportion that the body requires to absorb them evenly. If you include too much of any one, it can crowd out the absorption sites in the gut and prevent absorption of one or more of the others. This may result in an induced deficiency and cause deficiency illness – as well as toxic symptoms of overdose of the offending one included to excess. Our vitamin powder includes traces of all of the minerals as well as the natural bioflavonoids found in plants that always accompany vitamins in nature and costs $49 for one month’s supply.

Children and supplements. Just to ease your mind and put you in the picture, it is known that children over the age of 2 Years Old require between 80% and 120% of the intake of vitamins and minerals of a grown adult. So, they can have some of the Vitamin Powder as well, quite safely because – you guessed it again – it is balanced for optimum absorption and assimilation of the nutrients contained within.

To order forms and supplements, or to arrange for a consultation, contact us.

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