Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue

Apologia: I am using the term “he” and “she” alternately in order to promote equality and not to discriminate in any way between the sexes in the types of symptoms that each may have. Chronic Fatigue is not sex-linked in any way.

Chronic fatigue is a debilitating condition that usually has a gradual onset but also can occur suddenly – especially in those experiencing puberty onset. Its origin is subject to much speculation but our findings are that it can originate from different causes and many of these underlying causes such as Epstein Barr virus may be treatable with natural medicine. It can follow a sudden infection of Epstein Barr virus – such as glandular fever, tonsillitis or influenza – or it can set in following an accident or trauma. You might be born with the virus as several clients seem to have been – as illustrated by case No 3 involving Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. I adults, shingles is often a prelude to fatigue.

In the main, however, the virus that causes glandular fever appears to be the causative agent in an overwhelming number of cases.
Epstein Barr virus, slow-developing Pain and Fatigue

Suffering from pain every day is dispiriting. Combined, fatigue plus pain will drive the client to a point of cellular exhaustion and into a mental zone of “switching off” from pain and even sometimes the fatigue.
Sudden Onset Pain and Fatigue

Relatively sudden onset fatigue * (developing over a few months) seems to produce drastic symptoms, leaving the hapless sufferer bedridden and often in pain. When this point arrives, either the pain or the fatigue becomes the client’s focal point. Occasionally, she presents for treatment just for the pain and takes the fatigue as a given. More usually, he will usually not mention the pain as the fatigue is the greater disability. At its extreme, fatigue prevents her from functioning – often being unable to rise from bed or if he does, she can only do so with the greatest effort and steeling of resolve. When he tries to move, it hurts AND it is tiring. This type of fatigue often strikes at puberty* and it can occur in girls and boys.

What happens to your body next and what can you do about it?

In the case of both, it often commences with a bout of Glandular Fever (Mononucleosis or Eppstein Barr Virus).

So, when I talk to him or her for the first time, the conversation generally revolves around the fatigue state – especially the adults. It is as if they expect to experience pain because they cannot remember life without it.

The onset of fatigue usually occurs gradually. It is associated with a downward spiraling of the energy powering your auto-immune protection system. This system is piloted by your adrenal gland that slowly becomes exhausted of nutrient and therefore “zip”. This renders it unable to do its job, which is to control your immune response and anti-inflammatory ability.
Being controlled by the “master glands” (pituitary and hypothalamus) as is any gland in your body, their exhaustion inevitably follows. Finally, the total adrenal/thyroid response in your body becomes less and less able. This finally causes you to succumb to stage IV of exhaustion.
This state is called variously Metabolic Syndrome, Syndrome X and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
It even carries the moniker “myalgic encelopathy” or ME.


Firstly, we optimise your immune system’s white blood cell performance, using targeted nutrition and herbal medicine – well selected for your individual need.

Then we apply frequency specific microcurrent, that not only reduces pain but also seems to do something more.

It is a fact that the fatigue-pain status can also arise from different causes. They would be anything from:

An old neck injury say, from:

A horse riding fall,
A Motor Vehicle Accident or MVA through to

Neck or other Injuries or associated with stress and strain, such as:

martial arts
athletics or
other sports with a similar pattern of trauma, strains and performance anxiety with pressure to achieve outstanding goals.

Illnesses such as sore throats, colds and influenza associated with fatigue or simply pressure of examinations or from deadlines.

What causes the fatigue (CFS)?

It seems to me that there is one thing in common with all of the above events – a shock to and/or corresponding exhaustion of your immune system. You might have been told that there is nothing that you can do about this – but in my findings, that would be wrong.

Treatment options

As you may have gathered, our clinic has several ‘modalities’ to treat the causes of CFS.

Firstly, we look to adjusting your nutritional input for a very good reason. That reason is that your immune system depends on adequate nutrition to perform at its optimum. And it is probable that the extra strain placed on your immune system by the traumatic event that preceded your condition may have exhausted its nutritional reserves and so compromised its power.

Secondly, we like to use our naturopathic “armoury” to give your condition a “quick lift”. This might include deep tissue therapy, targeted nutrition, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, compounded natural medication or perhaps a combination where indicated.

Throughout all of this, we will want to ensure that your body is receiving the correct variety of trace minerals that are necessary to power up your entire cellular system. So, the first thing we do (once we have your symptoms under control and in same cases, supported other “flagging” systems in your body) is to consider our own specially designed and compounded foundation nutrition for you.

Foundation nutrition

Called Wade’s MVM powder or capsules, we make this in powder or capsule form and it contains 72-plus minerals that appear in the great natural sources of the world. Many of these have been identified as being essential to human life and yet are very deficient in our Australian and New Zealand food and water supply. Please click the highlighted words and read more about it. If you believe that your body is lacking these nutrients, then feel free to request immediate delivery.

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