Cold and flu

Protecting yourself against the ravages of cold and flu has become a major topic. Especially since Centre for Disease Control (CDC) reports globally that only 36% of people receiving the H3N2 (Type A) vaccine are protected from that virus. Yet up to 67% of Type A vaccines are effective some years (presumably if it takes hold). In other words, rapid virus mutation makes ‘flu vaccines a matter of luck.

That means to me that the best way to optimise your “winter protection” is to ensure that your cellular nutrient levels are “up to scratch”.

We have found that people report recovering from ‘flu quickly and some even say that “this is the first winter that I can remember that I have not actually gone down with the ‘flu, since taking the MVM 78:12.

If you actually get the ‘flu, we have found that adding the “Winter Mix” helps to reduce its severity if you get on it quickly. That makes sense because MVM 78:12 is one of its components. And “natural” Vitamin C (i.e. Vit C + bioflavonoids) is another.

And a reportedly effective homoeopathic called Anas barbarae has been reported to help reduce ‘flu symptoms.

That is one of the original reasons why we first made Wade’s MVM 78:12. I wanted a multivitamin whose formula answered ALL of the cellular trace element and ultra trace element needs, along with ALL the vitamins. The reports following the first year’s release of MVM 78:12 were encouraging, to say the least. Many unsolicited comments (and some solicited!) went along the lines of: “my kids had their best winter ever, hardly getting sick at all”, to: “I can really notice the difference to the way I feel”.

Another reason why I formulated this complete, balanced multivitamin was for preconception health. My clients who started on MVM 78:12 for the purposes of preconception planning commented with words to the effect of: I had a trouble-free pregnancy” to “my infant is the healthiest child in pre-school. He is happy and placid, while kids all around him are whingeing and often getting sick”.

Another reason why I formulated this was to answer the old Australian Dietary Surveys of the ’80s and ’90s that showed that the average Australian was only receiving about 70% of their required micronutrients on a day to day basis. I felt for many years that this deficiency was contributing to much unnecessary ill-health. And more recently, ‘lo and behold the 2012 Australian Health Survey says much the same but in greater detail.

I looked around the “market” and couldn’t find a complete and balanced formulation, so I went about making one in the lab. So, we went to original sources of information that were supplied by researchers: Ewen Cameron, Linus Pauling, Emanuel Cheraskin, Archie Karakinis, Robert Buist, Mike Curley, Jeffrey Bland and others. These discussed the various aspects of white blood cell activity: mitochondria activity, lysosome effectiveness, membrane effectiveness, general cellular metabolic activity, overall activity of healthy white blood cells compared to “sick” white blood cells – as well as general universal cells’ nutritional requirements. And their dependence on specific nutrients, some of which are so grossly deficient in our daily diets that scurvy has become a threat!

So, looking at these and the gross deficiencies that Australians are suffering from daily as highlighted by the Australian Health Survey, I compiled three products to address the whole question of illness by deficiency.

And this led me to formulate our “Winter Mix” or Leuco Activate.

The results have been quite encouraging. I have only a series of customer reports to relate, compiled over the last five years or so, so I can tell you that we have had many people report that they had “their best winter ever” as family units – parents as well as children. I did ask that they take it all year around, bearing in mind the evidence that we had from Australian Dietary Surveys, capped with the Latest Australian Health Survey , that proves the need for such preparations.

General metabolic nutritional requirement:  MVM 78:12

Specific white blood cell activating factors:  Wade’s Winter Mix or Leuco-Activate

Membrane support nutrient:                            Phil’s Oils

My inevitable conclusion, based on the shortened illness spans of ‘flu victims taking the above supplements compared to those who don’t is that the Survey is correct and that Australians’ health can benefit substantially from supplementing with a genuine replace supplement, as above.



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