Concentrated Plant Extracts

Concentrated Plant Extracts

Plant extracts, usually of medicinal herbs, are often incorporated into nutritional preparations. We recommend “practitioner only” manufactured nutritional preparations at this clinic, as manufacturers such as Metagenics, Orthoplex, Nutrition Care, Bioceutics and others go to great lengths to establish plant purity and to see that only biologically compatible solvents are used in the concentration process.

We have found that preparations made by the abovementioned people have achieved satisfactory results in our clients and perform their healing tasks well.

Examples are products with lycopene that is activated, as in a Metagenics product. Lycopene is a plant extract of the humble tomato and as a member of the carotenoid (Vitamin A) family, has been attributed with all of the beneficial properties that the Vitamin A nutrients confer, including resistance to sunburn, and in shrinking inflamed tissue. Also containing green tea extract, it provides plentiful antioxidant and general anti-inflammatory activity. To this end, I recommend it for helping to prevent rogue tumour cells from forming in areas where adenocarcinomas may develop, such as breast, bowel and prostate gland.

Metagenics make other helpful products that we use regularly in our clinic that help with:

body re-shaping and loss of unwanted body fat;
detoxifying the gus and liver and re-populating with health-giving, friendly bacteria;
helping to prevent underactive thyroid, premenstrual tension and also menopausal conditions;
leaky gut.

Bioceuticssponsor many quality nutritional formulae also. One I particularly like is Inflamzyme, that really gives good results in reducing inflammation and works well with Metagenics Kaprex in this area.

Orthoplex’s Microflora is popular due to sheer diversity of the “bugs” in its formulation.

Nutrition Care have just produced a wonderful in-house test kit for dozens of food allergies and we recommend that you come along and be tested if you have a concern in that area.

But nothing works as well as our own formulation of Zinac capsules*, made in our lab, that helps fortify your immune system and strengthen your resistance to permanently high blood sugar (glucose) levels..

And of course our popular multivitamin/mineral powder that attracts much comment along the lines of: “I feel noticeably better, more alive and energetic when I take Wade’s MVM powder*. When I dissolve it in water, it tastes good, too, a bit like a Berocca”.

*The TGA requires us to make a limited number of these products to comply with provisions in the TGA act and we manage to do this and still satisfy our customers.

Also ask us for a tub of our Green Smoothie. It is marvellous for maintaining a healthy gut and that means it may be helpful in minimising bloating and stomach discomfort and also optimising your feeling of well-being.

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