Covid 19 vaccines Risks and Benefits

Covid vaccine – risk versus benefits. 

Risks as I see it.
  • Initial side effects that have been reported to me from the AZ vaccine in healthy people so far are mild, sometimes involving a 24-hour bout of tiredness, often on the day following the Astra Zenica injection.
  • I have not personally encountered anybody who has been associated with the blood clotting issue that TGA reports as very rare (see below).
  • I do know one 70+YO person who passed out the morning after the jab and was revived by his partner and ambos. He had had heart surgery 2-3 years previously. And one person who had had previous cranial surgery experienced irritation in that area for a short period.
  • It is said that medical techniques to counter the adverse events regarding clotting have improved in recent times.
  • See the TGA website for total deaths and possible adverse effects associated with administration of the vaccine. (See below regarding achieving and maintaining immune health) as well as total hospitalisations and deaths from the virus overall.
  • As I write, nearly 18 million Australians have been vaccinated at least once.
  • As of May, according to the TGA website, a total of 109 deaths were attributed to the Pfizer vaccine and 94 to the Astra Zenica. See the link: It states that these were mainly the frail and elderly.

(Above is some personal information of author – not official and is Part of our pharmacy’s handout prior to vaccination.


  • Vaccinations have reportedly reduced the death rate of all varieties of the Corona virus in the UK by 95%
  • According to the TGA website, nine thrombosis events from all vaccinations were reported up to 27th May amongst an overall 22,031 overall adverse reaction reports out of a total of 3,613,053 total doses of all vaccines administered. Ref:
  • The incidences of events that were interpreted from the above report were apparently proportionate across all brands versus doses distributed.
  • Society will become again and I believe that the mental, physical and financial distress to individuals from the lock-down is probably doing far greater damage than the virus ever could in Australia.
  • Having said that, it is in my view vitally important to get people circulating as soon as they are deemed immunised – either by vaccination or prior infection.

After Care

Rest for day after if possible. Some people have reported to me a period of fatigue for 24 hours – mostly over 50s.

The best after care in my opinion – and even better still, prior care – is to become as healthy as possible, as if you were deliberately  “health building” to fight off the virus itself. See Kirsty or Phil for such advice. Also, see “natural anti-clotting and detoxifying agents”. We also advise to rest on the next day.

We advise in following the above advice to especially nurture your Immune Health.

OK – I’m boring, I admit it. So please humour me when I say in a different way that you can improve your nutrition by minimising processed foods and maximising garden-fresh foods.

Living in units? Ask your council to direct you to the nearest community garden. Even ask your body corporate to sanction one in your own grounds! Think about a rooftop vegetable garden.

Adverse effects

If ANY adverse events occur from the vaccine, please contact us or doctor immediately, or proceed straight to hospital outpatients if serious. See above link.

Vaccinated people (VPs) can still catch the virus and spread it but apparently VPs have low incidence of hospitalisation or death following infection from variants.

Your feedback of your experience with us and/or of receiving the vaccine would be most welcome.

Our email is:

Natural anti-clotting agents:

Such agents include:

  • Good quality fish oil capsules as directed by a Naturopath or pharmacist practitioner
  • Wades Oil blend taken regularly as directed.
  • Omega-3 oils, taken judiciously, will help deliver healthy cell membranes that is important to allow nutrient into your cells but may also become very flexible, a feature that may help to reduce clotting.
  • Prescription anti-clotting medication may suffice. Caution – check with your Integrated doctor, naturopath or pharmacist. 
Natural “Detoxifying” agents to help remove metallic or other adjuvants
  • Include globe artichoke, coriander in diet, and/or
  • Take NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) St Mary’s thistle or dandelion root capsules regularly to help neutralise adjuvants that may occur in some vaccines.
Natural anti-inflammatory agents

Some of these may also reduce clotting.  See above cautions. They may be taken on advice, alone or with prescribed medication such as NSAIDs, paracetamol or higher level prescription drugs such as opiates.

Such Natural agents include:
  • Around 5,000mg daily of a “natural” vitamin C (i.e. one that is blended with plant polyphenols and mineral/vitamin blend). Wade’s “Winter Mix” is such a preparation.
  • BCM95 strain of turmeric capsules
  • PEA capsules or powder
  • SPMs – lipid anti-inflammatory agents that are technically Specific Pro-resolving Mediators.
  • Herbal medicines such as boswellia, rosemary, olive, achillea millefolium

Natural prior protection

If you believe that you may have been one of the many people who have already had the SARS Covid virus before testing was available, ask your doctor to send you for an antibody (Igg or Igm test). While you should still exercise personal spacing, protection and hygiene precautions, you may already have a sufficient titre to immunise you in a similar way to what the vaccine does.

Positive effects

Yes, as a pharmacist, I am a vaccinator. Why?

  • Because we will be able to re-open society at 70% and I want to see us all living normally again.
  • And the mental and economic health benefit – especially in morale and sense of purpose – of becoming a “free” society again will be undeniable.
  • If we don’t, the financial burden on our grandchildren will be intolerable.
  • Official numbers of cases versus deaths versus vaccination rates in both UK and Iceland indicate strongly that the death rate is plunging dramatically by comparison, and that was with the more virulent (harmful) strains.
  • Having said that, previous pandemics have shown that the emerging strains have been less virulent (harmful) but more contagious (easily caught) versions of the original viruses.
  • Let’s hope that applies here, too.

Phil Wade

Wades Pharmacy, 152 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove   2066. Ph: 61 2 9420 4959


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