Fear of open spaces

Fear of open spaces

Fear of open spaces is a condition of the brain where it has panic attacks of a specific nature. Panic attacks themselves are associated with a build-up of lactic acid and recently, carbon dioxide * whose build-up itself is a response to a condition in your body called lactic acidosis. To normalise your lactic acid and carbon dioxide levels we need to take a few steps…

* www.scientificamerican.com › Mind & Brain › Mind Matters

So, for long term normalising of brain acid levels, eat compatible foods and plenty of fruit and vegetables to balance out your dietary protein. Get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Drink water as your main thirst quencher.

Also, supplement with a complete range of minerals and vitamins required to make them operate.

Now, I could easily tell you here what these deficiencies are but I would be doing you a dis-service if I did. Why? Because if you “bomb out” with large doses of just one vitamin involved, you may disturb the balance of co-nutrients. So, Balance is critical when supplementing.

You may contact us and we will direct you to a solution.

But there may be yet another element to the onset of disturbances to your brain. And that is damp. Let me explain.

You see… damp produces mould spores. These may invade your airway and eventually migrate to other organs in your body. One of these may be your brain. If they set up colonies there then the area of the brain that they are irritating will relate to a particular pattern of thought, feelings and behaviour.* But wait – there’s more to the yeast story. Yeast also can develop from Candida albicans** – a normal part of your gut micro-flora (microbes) that can become imbalanced and out of control.

* www.holistichelp.net/mold.html

** www.candidamd.com/candida/anxiety.html

So, if there are significant colonies of candida in your gut, then you must attempt to eliminate them. This way, you may retain the health of different biological systems within your body and prevent yeast from invading important organs including your reproductive organs.

Another potential source of microbes that could affect various areas of your brain are septic foci. These pockets of infection – that may occur opportunistically in many different segments of your body – will also need to be dealt with.

We have found that the best way to keep healthy is to maintain a healthy nutritional intake because a healthy immune system also needs abundant micronutrients to work properly.

That’s why we work the way we do – slowly, carefully and deliberately re-building your body’s atmosphere of all the 120-odd micronutrients that are necessary to power the other 24,000 enzyme systems in each cell of the 50 trillion cells in your body. And supporting your flagging immune system so that you can eventually eliminate the build-up of toxins, bacteria and yeast. That’s why it is necessary to achieve balance in your body’s internal environment if you wish to restore yourself to permanent health.

So, fear of open spaces is sparked off by lactic acid and also toxic build-up of CO2 in many cases. But what of the specific nature of this particular response to lactic acid? Clearly, it may go back to genetic inheritance*** or perhaps some trauma you experienced in early life****. These too, will need to be worked on by counselling techniques. But we find that many clients who have had counselling may benefit from also achieving a wellness outcome™.*****

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