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Fertility and Preconception Care

Is it possible to improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy with just nutritional supplements like elevit?

Or do we need to do more?

The tips for a healthy pregnancy that we list below may not be exhaustive but they do represent handy and proven methods.*

Our Fertility planning “kit” may:

  • Help you fall pregnant
  • Ensure that you achieve optimum health in preparation for a successful pregnancy
  • Help you maintain your health throughout pregnancy*
  • Ensure that your baby is happy, HEALTHY, and bright – a finding corroborated by former colleague Janette Roberts – the co-author of ” The Natural Way To Better Babies”.
  • Enable you to remain strong and vital throughout breast feeding*
  • Ensure that your baby receives optimum nutrition throughout the whole process*
  • Take the first step in your baby’s continuing healthy childhood*
  • Help to minimise or eliminate congenital (epigenetic or pollutant) issues**
  • Eliminate health problems caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies*
  • Detoxify your body from health-damaging chemicals** that may be present in your food and the environment
  • Give your baby’s brain development a flying start*
  • Help you recover from birthing to set the platform for a following healthy pregnancy.***        *Natural Way To Better Babies                          ADD and ADHD **

We have many case studies but I am listing below a couple of the “difficult” ones.

***Case study#1

A would be mother from WA who had been a scientist contacted us to assist in a healthy pregnancy having tried the usual channels without success.

Following a thorough case taking via a series of questionnaires and telephone consultations and prepping with our protocol for some months, we suggested she was ready to “try”.

She became pregnant with her first child, and followed up a year later with a healthy second successful pregnancy.

Case study#2

A young couple in similar straits approached us and we commenced their programme.

The complication was that he was a recoverer from testicular cancer.

Again, we applied our protocol and after three months of detoxification and a comprehensive nutritional programme, they achieved immediately a successful pregnancy.

Again, this was followed up by another healthy pregnancy.

Again, this was routine for us and these instances were repeated routinely and in some cases it was helpful to use our treatments of Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

Detoxify from pollutants

Environmental pollutants (air, water, food)

Food toxins may comprise preservative and pesticide residues.

Pesticides cross all human cell barriers and penetrate to the deepest organ because they are fat soluble.

That includes your uterus, ovaries, eggs, testes and sperm.

These may be cleared from your reproductive organs (including sperm and ova) in our clinical findings.

They are particularly relevant in the area of DNA damage, and may account for birth abnormalities.

DNA damage has been found to be the cause of 80% of unexplained infertility. You just need the patience to see out an 8 week detoxification protocol and much of the toxic residue can be “cleaned up”.

Making up for nutrition loss

So, we advise to take the comprehensive meal supplement that contains all 105 elements that your body needs and cannot make for itself.

Leaky Gut

Similar evidence is available for the effect of leaky gut on fertility, as well as other potentially recoverable complaints, as below.

Leaky gut can be overcome by using our proven “Detoxification Programme”.

“before and after” evidence is available via our urine analysis and also our Live Blood viewing.

Contact us for an overview and health appraisal

You will have probably been informed by now that a full term pregnancy runs for nine months. What you might not have been told is the effect that lack of sound nutrition may have on the healthy growth of the baby.

Who might benefit from a healthy preconception programme?

Just about everybody who wants to become pregnant or trying to impregnate a partner!

Not only that but nutritional supplementation in pregnant women is vital, according to the Australian Dietary Survey – and the Nutrition Almanac, because the woman is actually growing the child herself, therefore she will need extra nutritional input her growing child who will draw down from her own nutritional reserves.

Does that mean that your sperm quality and quantity may benefit also?

Yes. It has been our finding that sperm count can increase substantially on our male preconception plan., not only from receiving adequate micronutrients but also from removing DNA-targeting pollutants. It stands to reason that this should be so.


You see, the late Dr John Lees found in the eighties that sperm counts had been gradually declining over the previous fifty years. While he attributed this solely to the influence of pesticide contamination – especially DDT – Foresight International believes that it is also due to declining nutritional input due to over-refined foods and the declining quality of town water supplies.

In exactly the same way, pesticides and poor nutritional input have interfered with the development of normal ovary follicular cells as with sperm production. So, everybody can benefit from our programme!

Let me explain about loss of dietary nutrient regarding sperm health. You see…

Many factors in today’s living conditions conspire to denude your body of vital nutritional reserves. Some of those factors are:

  • Poor mineral content of Australia’s topsoil and water supply (also reflected in some other developed countries)
  • Highly refined and processed foods (i.e. more sugar in foods and less soluble fibre and nutrient density to process them)
  • Storage of foods for long periods
  • Refrigeration
  • Freezing
  • Boiling or other forms of cooking
  • Diversion of run-off water to fill city dams that consequently contains lower mineral and beneficial bacterial content – including Australia’s largest city – Sydney, and others.
    • The other source of water mineralisation is the type of sandstone that it’s catchment area sits on.
    • Sydney’s Warragamba dam catchment predominantly sits on a geological fresh-water sandstone deposit called Narrabeen sandstone.
    • Almost no minerals feature in that mass.
    • Poor dietary advice from the TV “trendies” who would have you living off nothing but “complex carbohydrates”, creating dietary imbalances that ultimately will not sustain health

This nutritional depletion compounds the effects of contamination of food and water. The combined effect of contamination and under-nutrition may have a negative impact on:

  • your reproductive organs,
  • muscle and skeleton,
  • nerves and brain,
  • heart and blood vessel health,
  • and liver, kidney and other organ functions – all essential for well-being and health – and the future little you.
  • You see… being fat-soluble, toxic residues will be attracted to any fatty membrane in your body – like your sperm cell walls, ovaries, your brain, the baby’s brain, other nerve trunks and any other structural or stored fat in your body. In detail, those toxic residues are:
  • Pesticide contamination
  • Storage chemicals
  • Preservatives in prepared foods found in the local supermarket
  • Plastics (like plastic food wrap etc)
  • Petroleum products
  • Most other chemical pollutants including
  • Industrial radio-active waste
  • And lately emerging EMF (electromagnetic Frequency radiation).

To add to the total contamination package, you are constantly being assaulted by chemical releases from factories all over the planet. These might range from heavy metals to sulphurous compounds, chemicals that cause tumorous growths and fibrous tissue from chemical manufacturing plants, radio-active contamination again, and thousands of other toxic chemicals that are part of normal factory effluent worldwide (87,000 + to be more exact). These are released into our river systems and air, and sprayed on our food, and invariably finish up in our lungs, in town water and – us! The overflow spills into the oceans of the world of course, and, added to those chemicals leaching from high plastic contaminant levels, finish up in marine animals that we buy at the fish shop or supermarket.

Some cities like New York and are said to dump their rubbish into the ocean daily!

That’s why part of our system is to ensure that toxins in your body are measured and we then advise on safe detoxification methods.

And how does undernutrition affect fertility? We know that vitamins, minerals, some essential fatty acids and nine special amino acids – none of which the body can make – are currently deficient in food and water that is consumed by 80% of all people, according to repeated Australian Dietary Surveys* and those of the USA. We assume that similar shortages apply in many other countries.

* These surveys are freely available by application to the Government Printer, when in print.

The bottom line is that these shortages hold up the production of sperm and ova. Probably worse still – they can cause the production of faulty sperm and ova. Why? Well, we know that specific minerals and vitamins are needed for the manufacture of every sperm. We also know that these work in human cells only when there is sufficient reserve of these micronutrients. We also know that over 70% of current sperms produced are incomplete in structure and are therefore not swimmers.

We also know that similar issues apply to ova.

So, when you add the “nutrient deficiency” evidence to the “contamination” evidence – re their influence on the development of ova and sperm – then the picture that you see is scary. But it gets worse.

How? Well, because of leaky gut and food allergy inhibiting the absorption of whatever nutrient is present in food.

And leaky gut has been associated with endometriosis by Dr Shanti Mohling, an American Gynaecology investigator, who describes the correlation in an article and by the following schematic representation. Posted by Dr Harrison Kronfeld on:

leaky gut

So, whether you are young or “really old”, like even over thirty!! haha, you and your baby can benefit from a preconception programme.

“But what if I’m over 38 to 42 or so, and thinking of falling pregnant , I might have been a smoker and drinker also?”

Our pre-conception program may be of benefit for you if you are trying to fall pregnant and:

have experienced miscarriages
are under or over 38 years of age
are a smoker
are a drinker
want to have the best chance for a healthy baby

Not only that, but also you may have been exposed to pollutants (from smoke, household pesticides, insect repellants, demolition sites – especially house renovations) and be worried that the toxicity may affect a future embryo.

Whatever your situation, our preconception programme has shown us that you could have a more successful pregnancy than you might otherwise expect.

How is all of this possible? Our routine tests highlight heavy metal intoxication, tendency to allergy, liver efficiency, leaky gut, inflammation, oxidative stress and current cellular toxicity. Then, by using our targeted nutrition programme, you may improve your own – and also your partner’s, if needed – health and your ability to carry out a successful pregnancy. Our clinical experience has indicated that not only can you become fertile when you follow our plan but also your health and that of your baby can be superior to the average and that you may also actually have a heavier and more intelligent baby.

Exactly what is entailed in our programme?

We offer one or more of the following tests that you feel will be relevant to you:

An optional test for heavy metal toxicity (that we strongly recommend in relevant circumstances)
A corresponding detoxification regime
A simple test for food allergy potential and leaky gut
A specific test for cellular health that measures your biological age
Tests that determine your blood type and also your blood glucose level
A method of examining live blood under the microscope to see if you have oxidatice stress, inflammation and the extent of the damage caused by leaky gut (haemaview – see front page)
An in-house urine pathology test that measures kidney and liver health parameters
A thorough health and nutritional assessment questionnaire that helps us to analyse your body’s health – by organ and by system.

Finally, we will recommend a targeted nutritional plan, possibly including one or more of the following:

one or more specific nutritional supplements, *
An unique, tasty low-reactive food selection plan **
herbs where indicated, and perhaps adjunct treatments such as
homoeopathy and
Frequency Specific deep tissue treatment.

* The nutritional supplements include a “replacement” set to cover the general undernutrition, specialised ones to help detoxify your body and particular ones to target inefficient organs and sluggish systems such as the immune system.

** The food selection plan reduces the damaging effect on your immune system that allergenic food proteins may exert.

So, just how do you go about this interesting process? Firstly, ask us to send you the information package. If you wish, have a chat with our naturopath and we’ll outline our programme. From there, it is a quick and easy process to get the relevant information to you. Kirsty will make your first appointment and help to guide you through the information-gathering package because if you can make the journey to see us, so much the better.

And here is where we are different to other clinics and where we achieve our success. We will walk you through our copyright five-step Wellness Outcome™ programme. This means that not only do we address the immediate health issues (e.g. overweight, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, low sperm count, infrequent periods, period pain and perhaps a seemingly unrelated chronic health condition) but also we stay with you until the VLA test has indicated that your toxins are declining and your periods become regular, your overall health and vitality improve and you are ready to “go”.


Foresight, the Association for the Promotion of Preconceptual Care was established in the United Kingdom in 1978. Their overall philosophy and results so mirrored our own that we established contact with them. A Foresight study, conducted in conjunction with Surrey University, (published in the Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine 1995), clearly shows the effectiveness of the type of preconception health care that our clinic offers.

When 367 couples followed the full preconception program there was not one miscarriage in the entire study group.
There were no peri-natal deaths and no malformations. (Without preconception health care, there would be about 70 miscarriages and 12 malformations in a group of similar size).
37% of the couples had experienced previous fertility problems (from 1 to 10 years duration). By the end of the study, which ran for 18 months, 81% of those couples had a live healthy baby.
No baby was born before 36 weeks.
No baby was lighter than 5lb. 3oz (2368g).

Jan Roberts, pharmacist, nutritionist and co-author of The Natural Way to Better Babies – Preconception Healthcare for Prospective Parents and Healthy Parents, Better Babies has been the Australian representative of Foresight since 1987. Our system was principally designed in co-operation with Jan. Indeed, Jan’s Balmain Wellness Centre requested a merger with the Lane Cove Wellness Centre because our methods so attracted them to us, and the resultant merger is peerless in its content and method of application in the world of applied nutrition.

Our results – while entirely original and our own invention – are similar to those published by Foresight. We believe that our application and methods are superior.

For information on our preconception programs (personal or postal) and our preconception nutrient packs, please use our Enquiry Form or contact:

Lane Cove Wellness Centre
152 Burns Bay Road LANE COVE
Ph: (+61 2) 9420-4959

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