Good nutrition or slow health decline

Good nutrition or slow health decline

You and your growing children are receiving fewer vitamins and minerals than are necessary to sustain health. And the cereals and even fresh foods foods are falling a long way short of supplying those in healthy measures.


Because the World Health Organisation recommends the daily minimum quantities (MDR) of these vitamins and minerals and fats/oils necessary to sustain life in third world countries.

Nobody knows what the maximum healthy requirements are. Many health authorities believe that in many cases you need significantly more than the recommended MDR of some trace elements. And these should be supplemented in proportion with your body’s absorption ability, and not is some pretty extreme proportions listed on many commercial multivitamins.

That means to you that health scientists need to evaluate such requirements. So, that’s what we do. And at Lane Cove Wellness Centre we have taken up the challenge and decided to formulate our own foods that comply with scientific observations so that we can bring the best result to you.

That’s why we now make our own combinations, containing all 78 minerals and 12 vitamins, and in the proportion and quantities that will make up for food deficiencies. And supply our own mineral water that is healthily alkaline. Our aim is to actually give you 100% of the MDR of all vitamins and minerals.

And if you are leading a busy life and “eating on the run” then we have added other basic elements and produced Phil’s Green Smoothi

And if you have been attempting a low-fat diet, your health may well suffer by eating too little fat.  That’s why I produced Phil’s Oil.

Australian Health Survey

Have you been told all your life by the “experts” that ‘if you just eat good food then that will contain all the vitamins and minerals that you need? Have you also been told that the ‘Western Diet’ contains all the minerals you need?

Well, this applies no longer.

The Australian Health Survey survey shows a significant deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the average daily intake of Australians. To make matters worse, each successive survey has shown a steady decline. The last survey I saw showed that the average zinc intake of Australians was only about 70% of their minimum daily requirement. And that 93% of girls between 12 and 18 YO are deficient in calcium!

And it says – caution, shock coming – “calcium deficiency is the number 1 cause of osteoporosis (read scoliosis in girls)”! So we need to prevent osteoporosis.

And the growing teenage group suffers a similarly significant lack of zinc.

This is because food is losing its punch. The Warragamba water supply is not too great either (o,57 ppm of calcium and 4 ppm magnesium) in that regard nor, I suspect, are many other dam’d town water supplies. That’s why we import our own Wellness Water from a spring extracting mineral-rich water, and also make our own mvm – with all 78 minerals and 12 vitamins that your body and your growing teenager needs and cannot make for itself.

International Congress of Nutrition 2010, Sydney.

To make matters worse, TV and glossy magazines have told two generations of Australians how to eat to get fat instead of the reverse! Dr Loren Cordain told us at the above congress that eating 200 grams of grains (cereals, breads, cakes and pasta) is equivalent to eating a 150g bowl of sugar. The other bad news he gave us is that grains (mainly modern wheat) contain substances called lectins and gliadin are quite damaging to the lining of your gut. So where does that all leave us? It indicates to you and me that you have to be selective in the foods you buy to eat and you have to eat them in balanced portions.

AND that your whole body shape can change with this, including making excess fat.

See our fat loss programme.

We have available various suggestions for flexible dietary choices that help to eliminate these things as well as salicylates.


So, what is balance exactly?

Balance is a good mixture of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And having the right types of each of those.

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