Healthy Menopause

Healthy Menopause

Menopause may be completed without unpleasant hot flushes.

Menopause has a name that is very onamatapoeic and that means that it may become a foregone conclusion in psychology. However, it may not be necessary to develop menopausal symptoms if you give your body half a chance to manage its own hormones. Let me explain… you see healthy functioning of your ovaries and adrenals depends on sufficient intake of good quality nutrient like any organ in your body. Not only that but also they are highly susceptible to certain toxic chemicals, called POPs, that are becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s food chain/environment. Not only that but also food allergy may lead to inflammation anywhere in your body. Over-cumption of empty calories may also lead to visceral fat and that also is an inflammatory process.

So, the major threats to a healthy and trouble-free menopauseare actually twofold – nutritional and chemical. And, with a bit of careful food selection and balanced supplementation for dietary deficiencies, such problems may be kept to a minimum.

Nutritional threats to menopause.

Why does undernutrition affect your hormone production? Because vitamins and minerals are needed to activate the enzymes that produce these hormones. Key minerals and vitamins are needed in order to achieve normal hormone production and if your tissue reserves of these become exhausted then it won’t happen.

Chemical threats.

Plastics, pesticides and petroleum products are the key chemicals that prevent your cells from maturing and producing normal hormone levels. You need to eliminate these from your diet and indeed the air you breathe as much as possible. If not, then you will develop polycistic ovaries and the irritant effect of the aberrent hormone production from these combined with that of the chemical themselves could even cause you to be a prime candidate for fibrous growths and various types of tumours.

That’s why we go to so much trouble to test for cellular toxicity at the clinic. We need to test you for leaky gut, cellular health and even in some cases, heavy metal.

We also assess your nutritional status (using our questionnaire system).

Then, after a few months of therapy, your body may get back to normal.

In the meantime, we treat you for the immediate systems using our unique combination of a natural hormone cream, herbs and Frequency Specific deep tissue treatment as well as our clinic specialty – Ryevital. These usually help to make you comfortable. For more severe symptoms, we use bio-identical hormone creams.

Why can your own body produce hormones after menopause? The answer is your adrenal gland can make most of these hormones. So, it is necessary to have a healthy adrenal gland and its compromised ability to function is the other side of the menopause coin.

So, does treatimg the adrenal gland present any greater problems than treating the ovaries?

Not greater, just different. Ther are a few different things that need “tweaking” but no major dramas. The dietary recommendations do not change and the supplements can be individualised in our compounding lab so that the regime is not too uncommfortable for you to take.


By the way – it is important for us that your needs are met as far as supplements are concerned. We use a lot of Practioner Only products and also manufacture a lot of our own on a case by case basis. Not only that but also if you have trouble swallowing tablets or capsules – then I can make you up a multivitamin/mineral preparation in a fizzy base that tastes allright.

With our modern compounding lab, we can produce just about any dosage form you need – from effervescent powder to capsules, mixtures, suppositories, pessaries or creams. So, no longer need the fear of swallowing “pills” be a barrier to your regaining your health.

By the way – I forgot to mention the reason that your body can become deficient in these vitamins and minerals and other essential “elements” from your diet. After all, food is plentiful in Oz is it not? Well, sadly, refinement processes, storage, freezing and cooking all combines to deplete vitamins out of food. To make matters worse, the water supplying most capital cities like Sydney is usually low in minerals and high in chemicals. In undeveloped countries, the toxic level of bacteria and sometimes factory chemicals also makes it undrinkable. In Western countries of course, factory chemicals in our drinking water are even a bigger problem.


But never fear – our programme entails testing for leaky gut, cellular toxins and heavy metals. If we find these problems, we devise a regime for you that helps your body to eliminate them.

One way or another, it is possible to “get back to normal” by making use of our pharmacy, compounding lab and natural therapy Wellness Clinic.

Contact us or give us a buzz.

Phil Wade

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