how healthy are you?

how healthy are you?

Vitality and Longevity for healthy Ageing (VLA) is an ideal technique that may introduce science into the age-old concept of naturopathy.

Vitality and Longevity Healthy Ageing is also called a Bioelectric Impedance Healthy Ageing. This technical name describes how the unit works. It passes a minute current (1 millionth of an amp) between two terminals at wrist and ankle. The current will only pass through certain tissue in two different wavelengths. The bottom line is that, once we weigh and measure you, we can tell you The TEN biomarkers of ageing.
Basically, as a colleague says, it proves that what we do works. And by the way – it is harmless. It carries the same electrical potential as your own nervous system at -75 millivolts at a millionth of an amp, so you don’t even feel it.

Cell rejuvenation

At the recent International Functional Medicine Congress held at the Sydney Hilton (June 2014) whose subject was Detoxification, we learnt that if you detoxify cells from POPs then the new cells coming through will have fewer flaws and therefore live longer than their predecessors. Even the existing cells perform better and live longer. That is why the presenter called the process cell rejuvenation.


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