How to eliminate toxins

How to eliminate toxins

Toxins are often referred to in natural therapy. They may be anything that causes a toxic effect on your system. Their effect may vary from mild tissue irritation a fatal one. There are several main types: bacterial, fungal, viral and food toxins – as well as various chemicals, gases and heavy metals.

Bacterial toxins.

Toxins can be bacterial in origin – either whole bacteria or the toxins produced by them. These are referred to as endotoxins and exotoxins in pathology texts but to you and me they are just toxins. e.g. The endotoxin from the botulism bacteria (botox) is so powerful that one ounce of this compound (30 mls) is enough to wipe out the population of the earth. And yet, people stick it into other people’s skin!

Fungal toxins.

Candida is a yeast that lives in your body as part of your normal gut flora. Yet it can get out of control. This happens usually following antibiotic use – either prescribed or ingested inadvertently through eating chicken or intensively farmed animals or fish. It can penetrate deeply into tissue in any organ and cause those organs to malfunction. e.g. the brain, various glands (e.g. thyroid, adrenal, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus) and skin, to name a few. Not to mention your gut lining and muscle layers also. These can and do cause irritation to these organs, causing them to either over-react or slow down. It is thought that this toxin is one of the main the causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and cystic acne, for example. We might recognise symptoms of this infection via specific signs in the skin and fingernails in the physical examination. Specific symptoms also give a clue as does the leaky gut test. Eradicating candida is not easy. There is a lot of misinformation regarding the so-called anti-candida diet. Such starvation therapies will only have a limited effect. The only way to get rid of it from deep tissue is to feed up your immune system with an individually-devised nutritional regime and use frequency specific deep tissue therapy. While we prefer to treat people in office, we can help distance clients, providing we can assess your case through our unique questionnaire assessment forms, pathology testing formula and where needed, a referral.

Viral toxins.

Many viruses can penetrate deep tissue and colonise it for long periods – maybe permanently (unless we intervene with natural therapy). Viral toxins often invade specific tissue and may lie dormant following the initial infection. The Herpes family are good examples. This family includes Chicken Pox, Shingles, herpes of the lips and genital herpes. They ihabit nerve tissue – usually the brain or spine and can migrate down these nerves when your body experiences a rise in temperature or some other trigger to them. That’s why they are so painful – they are triggering off nerve impulses in pain receptors long before you can see them – and for some time after the blisters form. Natural therapy that this clinic offers (such as frequency specific deep tissue therapy) can deal with these efrectively in many cases. Specific regimes of nutritional therapy, aimed at individual needs, can also cause your immune system to overcome these viral toxins.

Food toxins.

Food toxins come in several ways. They are usually whole or partly-digested prietins as proteins are what your auto-innume syatem can recognise as ‘foreign bodies’.

Firstly, they may be whole particles of food that have “escaped” into your system through microscopic fissures in a leaky gut.

Secondly, they may be partly-digested food particles that arrive through a similar ‘escapy route’.

Thirdly they may be allergenic foods – i.e. foods to which you are naturally intolerant. Your body will recognise them as a ‘foreign body’. In each case, we have devised an easy-to-follow routine that may lead to this problem being eradicated. The effects of all these ‘demons’ are ‘interesting’ and different to each other.

Whole particles of food protein

These particles may cause irritation to local tissue like the brain if they resemble some part of its structure or brain chemicals. e,g, wheat can cause irritation to the brain “skin” (meninges) because it resembles a brain chemical called enkephalin. This type of irritation may bring on a shizophrenic episode. (i)

Partially digested food protein.

These can allow antibodies to form against them and if they – by chance – resemble part of your own collagen then these antibodies will attack this and cause inflammation and auto-immune disease.

Either way, food toxins can be treated and eliminated by using our routine procedures to achieve this objective. We will be happy to share this and other information if you contact us or CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT DETOX REGIMES

i. A Greek psychiatrist called Anastanopoulos discovered this effect during World War II when his patients actually and unexpectedly got better during the war where the only change to their environment was the unavailability of wheat due to food shortages. They could only obtain rye instead.

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