Hypoglycaemia – the Relationship Breakdown king.

Have you ever experienced a sudden dive in mood – a real black feeling that you can’t explain and just can’t shake?

Hypoglycaemia is one health challenge that may cause these symptoms.

Hypoglycaemia is caused by a sudden drop in the level of glucose in the blood.

Sudden drops of glucose cause:

  • mood swings
  • clammy skin
  • feelings of weakness – in extreme cases, trembling
  • full bladders a desire to urinate
  • loose bowel motions
  • cravings for food – usually sweets
  • loss of ability to concentrate

Sudden blood glucose loss is caused by the body using all available glucose as energy and the cells being unable to donate stored glucose back to the bloodstream to replace it. This creates the desire for a sugar “hit” that commences a vicious cycle  because this in turn causes another big insulin surge,  and in turn another rebound “hypo” (“Reactive” hypoglycaemia) about 90 minutes later …

The inability of the cells to donate back their stored glucose is caused by defective enzyme activity inside your cells, that are supposed to unshackle glycogen to regenerate glucose…

Not only that but also the repetitive slaking of the sweet cravings – with more sugar sources – stimulates more insulin production by the pancreas. Repetitive high blood insulin levels in turn cause growing insulin resistance by the cell walls. The cells then become starved of nutrient, as insulin’s job is to pack glucose into the cell body for energy storage.

So, that vicious cycle commences and gradually grows worse until a mood swing develops.

Our Naturopath may tell you how to have this sub-clinical – but nonetheless debilitating – illness assessed and treated.

Contact our Naturopath to ask for information about Hypoglycaemia

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