Irritable Bowel

This is an ill-health condition that causes pain, much distress and a great deal of personal discomfort, often precluding enjoyable activities out od fear of a sudden accident.

Underlying causes

As a natural therapist, I tend to always think about what causes these things and therefore how to correct and prevent them. To me the originator of this dread malady is not one single event but a collection of them. They would include leaky gut, food allergy probably misinformed food selection, combined with poor reserves of micronutrients required to allow for a normal function of the immune system. To me, this would lead to a deposition in the muscle layers of the bowel of a collection of various toxins including partially digested food proteins, bacteria, their toxins and also probably some yeast or candida colonies. These would be the source of the irritation and these are what we need to address.

That means that our strategy needs to be aimed at neutralising these little misanthropes.


This calls firstly for an immediate relief of the symptoms by our choosing of selected herbs and natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents. I usually follow up with a thorough case taking and an assessment of other issues. That leads to my treatment regime as far as underlying causes is concerned. By the way, there is really no such thing as a successful “anti-candida diet” in my experience. You need to do more than starve yourself to completely get rid of candida. You need to enhance the full potential of your own microbe-fighting immune cells (white blood cells or leukocytes) to beat not only candida but accumulated parasites and bacteria that also contribute to the overall irritable feeling.

To check out more detail on how we do this, see the leaky gut article. Briefly, it involves herbal medicine, targeted and general nutritional medicine and electronic homoeopathy.

This all means to you that we do not treat the disease itself but rather treat the individual. Only by doing it this way can you expect to achieve a possible eventual Wellness Outcome™.

Contact us for a questionnaire that will help us to assess your case.

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