Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut

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Feeling bloated, with an occasional swelling in the abdomen, and not digesting all that well? Well, you might be developing leaky gut. Let me explain the connection. You see… with leaky gut comes inefficient and inflamed gut mucous membrane. That means the symptoms all starts with inefficient digestion and fissured gut membrane. Leaky gut happens when your gut flora dry out and it develops these fissures (cracks). Our best practice solution is to engage a short, 3-stage programme that aims to restore your gut to normal. Contact us and we can commence work on you immediately.
Why do those teeming trillions of healthy, protective bacteria die off? usually because they are killed by antibiotics or preservatives that are inadvertently eaten by you as they are deliberately added to processed foods . Let me explain a bit more about what is officially known as hyper-porous mucous membrane, how to test for it, and how you may restore your gut health.


It’s like this. Your gut is composed of a mucous membrane layer that coats laminates of muscle layers. The mucous membrane is itself coated with a living, thriving, writhing layer of live bacteria and yeast of many types, all controlled by 120-odd species of the vitamin-producing Acidophilus family, collectively named the “microbiome”. Numbering about 500 trillion cells, these keep the gut protected. By comparison you only have about 50 trillion human cells in your body. The great majority of these bacterial colonies (99%) produce vitamins and confer lubrication on the gut lining and stop the harmful ones from becoming established.

These are dramatically reduced in number by certain food preservatives and antibiotics.

They include synthetic, hormone-disrupting chemicals, preservatives that destroy symbiotic microbiota and – undernutrition.


I’m afraid so. This healthy bacterial colony combines with your gut membrane to keep the gut richly endowed with a lubricated, stimulated, automated, self-cleansing surface, and just as importantly, it generally prevents “rogue” bacteria or parasites from growing in your intestines. Yep – I mean worms, parasites – and other nasties like the infamous, ulcer-promoting Helicobacter pylori. And others. And also they stop the gut from drying out and cracking.


Well, the Acidophilus and Bifidus bacteria can be killed off by mistake by the preservatives and antibiotics. And it’s a big mistake. Because then the other nasty bugs can multiply in your gut, exhaust your protective “natural killer” white blood cells and leave you more prone to disease and infection. Candida seems to be the biggest beneficiary of this “die off” and may grow in vast numbers. As the gut is now drier than normal, it may develop sub-microscopic cracks, allowing the candida to penetrate deeply, exhausting your killer cells and spread into your system generally, over a long period of time.

If you also happen to strike too many artificial food preservatives, prescribed or food-borne antibiotics, and other well known gut-affecting medications like Brufen, Vioxx, Mobic, Voltaren, Celebrex or similar -profen anti-inflammatory medications,** like ibuprofen or other, then they may all combine to also cause damage your mucous membrane. Similarly, alcohol and food sensitivity will damage these bugs and your gut over a period of time, according to Prof Robert Allen, a Melbourne academic and medical practitioner. He also reveals that the normally semi-permeable mucosal layer can become permeable – or “leaky” – allowing small food particles and large bacteria to drift into your bloodstream.

* Fungal overgrowth gives you sensitivities to mould, weakens your immune system and be a contributing factor to chronic fatigue, and metabolic syndrome and even pre-high blood glucose levels leading to thirst and mood swings (hypoglycaemia).

**Ask your pharmacist if your medication is in one of these categories.


How can we get out of this mess and where does that leave us with leaky gut? Simple.

In the short term, let us test for it with an Indicans test, that tells us if gut toxins have actually appeared in your urine. If they are there, it means that your liver and kidneys are actually unable to “neutralise” these toxins because they are unable to do so. That means that your liver and kidneys may be in distress themselves. We can test for this distress, in turn, with multistix. These are simple, non-invasive urine analyses that only take a few minutes. But can save you months or years of ill health.

Then, ask our pharmacist/naturopath to show you our exclusive RyVital natural remedy. This is made from young shoots of Secale cereale green grass and are very beneficial in reducing inflammation and quelling the hyperactive mast cells and have stopped sneezing within fifteen seconds. They were also trialled by Prof Douglas of the ACT Uni as an anti-viral remedy. They were said to be so successful in preventing the ‘flu in his trial that many more trialists taking the “active” than the placebo reported “no flu” and that it confused the statistics, and he declared “no trial”! Everybody should have them in his or her medicine cabinet, in my opinion.

Next, you ask us to show you our preferred “friendly” bacteria supplements which help restore layers of deficient “friendly” bugs and also our most efficient prebiotics and postbiotics which kill the bad bugs and repair the gut.

This eventually may remove THE major reason for getting hay fever and being over sensitive to pollen, sinusitis, arthritis and rashes, according to Prof Allen.

Contact pharmacist/naturopath Phil Wade of Wades Compounding Chemist and Naturopath, aka Lane Cove Wellness Centre, who specialises in immunity and food allergy, and you’re in business for a happy Spring season. That means that you can direct your attention to the Spring business at hand – forming warming human relationships without mucus malfunctions interfering with a potentially life-changing, personal – er – life (Yes Al, that could be your missus, too – think about it ).

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