Mental health and teenagers

Mental health and teenagers

Mental health is just one of many health challengess that often onsets at puberty. Others are high blood sugar levels, energy-sapping virus attacks, bone structure challenges, severe skin breakouts, kidney health challenges (ref:J Korean Med Sci › v.25(11); Nov 2010), coronary arterial health challenges (Ref Krolewski A S et al), Huntington’s health challenges (Ref. AHDA 2004), Ankylosing spine challenges (ref Garcia, Morteo J Scand Rheumatology 12: 246-248, 1983), respiratory health challenges (Ref Shah, K et al), joint health challenges (Ref, a form of general nerve health challenges( Ref Duvoisin R C et al. 1991) and probably others.

What do all of these have in common? Some workers attempt to explain it by suggesting that the increased rush of steroid hormones produced at that time somehow alters the structure of steroidal hormo-receptors in the particular organ or tissue affected. But, that seems almost impossible to conceive, given the wide disparity of such health challenges.

So, what else happens at puberty to force a far more fundamental change on the human organism such that the whole auto-immune function alters?

Basically the only thing in common with all of those issues is functional failure of the immune system at a fundamental, biochemical level.

Potential causes of functional failure.

To understand this we have to look at the other things going on at puberty. They are associated with the demand for increased tissue production coupled with the very real problem of under-nutrition.

It might sound almost too easy but we have to look at biochemical reactions dependent on trace elements and the reduced availability of same.

Trace element dependence.

Examples of biochemical dependence on trace elements are:

1. Enzyme cascades and

2. Protein binding

Enzyme cascades

Key enzyme cascades that associate with mental health are incorporated in the production and action of neurotransmitters, the function of the nerve cell membrane, function of neuro-receptors, the astrocyte nutrient production (myelin) and the sodium/potassium interchange across the cell membrane.

If any of the micronutrients required by either the structure or function of neuronal cells are also required in great amounts to support the puberty growth spurt then obviously they will be in poor supply. Therefore the other tissues needing them will be starved of them and suffer accordingly.

Apart from Mental health, all of other health challenges-onsets can be explained in exactly the same way – including the requirements of the immune system itself (protective white cell activity, prostaglandin production and the like).


That means that the real answer lies in prevention and turn-around of existing problems.*

Discussion – Reasons for nutrient under-supply at the puberty growth stage.

1. **Poor nutrition in the food/water supply (Ref Australian Dietary surveys of any year)

2. Sudden sex organ and musculo-skeletal growth, soaking up particular nutrients – especially minerals – from existing reserves in the body and so causing further micronutrient unavailability for their normal growth and function.

3. Food allergy that causes gastric mucosal distress further inhibiting nutrient absorption (Ref R Buist)

4. Eppstein-Barr virus causing permanent liver and gall bladder damage inhibiting fat digestion and absorption

5. Gut dysbiosis (caused by overgrowth of unwanted gut flora – probably precipitated by excessive intake of preservatives and/or antibiotics – either prescribed or in intensively farmed animals that are reared for food) (Ref Profs Robert Allen and Geoff Bland)

6. Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) interfering with oestrogen receptors in all cells leading to inflammatory disorders in any tissue

*Methods of prevention

** (other evidence: Australia’s leading bottled water contains 0.5mg/litre of calcium. A leading European bottled water contains 150mg/litre of calcium)

Wade’s multivitamin/mineral fizzy powder or capsule

Zinac capsules (containing zinc and all major enzyme co-factors of zinc enzymes)

NeuroBal formula – an Essential Amino Acid mix – needed for structure of tissue and neurotransmitters

Phil’s Oil – containing the essential omega-3,6,9 oils (all structurally and functionally required by mammalian cell walls)

Individually designed low-allergy food plan to combat the tendency of your immune system to generate antibodies against incompletely digested food protein that it will attack as it would any perceived “foreign body”.

We have produced the above preparations because of your perceived need to supplement with a balanced, across-the-board multivitamin/mineral preparation that incorporates all of the known or suspected vitamins, minerals and trace elements required for structure, function or enzyme activity within the human organism. Our lab has produced a supplement containing 72 minerals and all vitamins.

Poor balance means a resulting imbalanced absorption of nutrient all competing for similar receptors at the gut absorption sites.

Our multivitamin/mineral supplement is designed to balance out your dietary deficiencies without overdoing it, at the same time as trying to ensure that dietary deficiencies are eliminated. It is the best balanced and most complete formulation that I have ever seen. It should be because I have been looking for the answer to this vexing problem for several decades and am now satisfied that “this is it”.


We have to assume that the diet is inadequate in trace elements across the board because:

1. The Australian dietary surveys show that all minerals and most vitamins surveyed are in short supply

2. Modern living causes the ingestion of refined foods – that by definition will have reduced nourishment

3. Country living may mean an over-reliance on a narrow range of foods lacking in key vitamins

Specific relationship between nutrient deficiency and toxicity and Mental health

1. Corn is deficient in niacin – a key nutrient in neurotransmitter production and this deficiency is a known cause of mental health. Amino acid deficiency from corn also include neurotransmitter (acetylcholine) precursor tryptophan and neurotransmitter transporter leucine. (Ref; wikipaedia,, )

2. Wheat polypeptides are a known trigger for schizophrenic attacks (Ref Anastonopoulos, 1945)

3. A1 Milk polypeptides are identical to those of wheat (R Buist, Sydney, 2004)


The conspiring of the above events at puberty will lead to poor neurotransmitter receptor structure as well as the other issues mentioned that – in combination – will produce a schizophrenic predisposition to the unfortunate sufferer and this type of mental health is entirely preventable. And this may well account for the vast majority of mental health cases that onset at puberty. Prevention is the preferable course of action but all the indicators are that the condition is potentially reversible with the correct application of low-reactive foods, targeted nutrition and overall meal supplementation across the board.

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