Microcurrent pain relief

Pain relief with micro current.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) was approved by the TGA around 2002-3. Since withdrawn due to manufacturer ceasing the model in favour of a newer model, existing, approved practitioners are allowed to continue applying the treatment.

What is it?

It consists of a device that delivers selected variable current in precisely-targeted frequencies to resonate with the inherent resonance of your cells at a current as low as one millionth of an amp – at around the same voltage as your nervous system.

Importance to you

Results show that by having an application of FSM, your pain – even in severe cases – may be reduced by up to 100%.

FSM’s current is delivered by two channels – one that treats pathology and one that treats your injured tissue.

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Ebvidence: See Dr. Carolyn McMakin’s, Wayne Reilly’s and others published studies at https://frequencyspecific.com/papers/

Case Study

Ian (not real name) suffers from Scheurman’s disease – where the spinal joints become quite fragile. On his first treatment, his pain from a recent fracture was reduced from grade 10 to grade zero. He planned to receive regular treatments. However, his doctor advised against it and after a few treatments he decided to have yet more surgery.

Bart (not real name) suffered from ankylosing spondylitis, with high grade pain, no flexibility and needed two walking sticks to get around. FSM was able to reduce his pain initially to grade 4 from grade 9. After two treatments and with a well designed regime of targeted nutrition and natural pain killers, he reported after 4 months that he had good mobility and flexibility, was healthier than ever and had no need for the two walking sticks.

Case study

Vladimir (not his real name), now middle aged, was an outstanding soccer player in his beloved district in Russia. Injuring his knee as a young man, he was forced to submit to surgery. The surgery went badly and the knee never recovered. Worse, he was left with constant pain. So, over the years, a second operation was recommended and then a third, as the second failed to improve things. Finally, after 30 years, he was advised that he would need an amputation as the last resort to relieve the pain. His daughter, who flew from Fiji for treatments for relief from her own severe back pain, brought him down to Australia for treatment, as her back pain had reduced substantially. In only three weeks he was to return to Russia. His knee was a mess.

On examination, it appeared be a classic case of “septic foci” (local infection), that was postulated by Prof. C.W Buckley all those years ago to be the primary cause of arthropathy, as well as build-up of calcification, not to mention other problems.

Having been treated with repeated specific applications of Frequency Specific microcurrent as well as specific orotates and other supplements, he returned home in three weeks’ time, walking without a limp and pain free. He remains so to the time of writing, ten years after the treatment protocol.

Frequencies used:

The frequencies, as taught by Dr Carolyn McMakin, were to treat the following:


arteries, musculo-tendinous junction, muscle fascia, cartilage, tendon, ligament, joint capsule, bone.


Scarring of hard and soft tissue, calcification, inflammation, bruising, fibrosis, sclerosis, virus (general), yeast, TBs, other general and specific bacterial infection.


Mark, a courier, former rugby league player and bouncer, had a similar story of recovery. Four treatments later and he was able to walk normally and pain free. Really.

More recently, Janice started her treatment on an ailing, painful hip destined for surgery, and after half a dozen treatments and the usual co-prescribing of specific supplements to target her issues, is now pain free. A delighted Jessica was referred by Liam and there have been many others others before and since – the long list keeps growing.

Rachel is a high-achieving executive who was in constant, high-grade pain. her pain was specific to most of her joints.

The treatment types follow on from a solid body of research that has emerged. Research from several projects around 10-15 years ago – by Carolyn McMakin, Wayne Reilly and Vivienne Reeve – corroborates specific types of natural therapy treatments for chronic myofascial pain.

Frequency-specific Micro current

In chronic pain conditions, it is important to identify the individual aspects of tissue damage that are the cause of the pain then sort out specific methods of addressing these “issues”. The aim of the treatments is to:

1) diminish the pathology in the condition and

2) Allow the body’s self-healing ability of damaged joint tissue to perform optimally.

So, we needed to address the accumulation of damage in both Vladimir’s and Mark’s knees. While they have different histories, they had much damage and underlying causes in common. Slow degeneration was a feature. We also suspected the presence of bacterial colonies that would thrive in this disrupted internal terrain. Naturpaths seek to address these specific issues. And now, this special type of deep tissue therapy, often called electronic homoeopathy (blue box) that may have a long lasting and very specific effect.

Exactly how American researcher, Carolyn McMakin, a chiropractor, came to be in possession of such a device was somewhat of a convoluted story. (see u-tube account.philw4949@gmail). Invented in Australia over 85 years ago, and practised by a series of chiropractors including her husband, she believed that the “micro-current” electric resonance therapy (“micro” means one millionth of an ampere) was just too good to keep to herself. And so, along with co-developer and then husband, George Douglas, she began to formalise research and then development of the device, which is continuing today. She has published several bodies of such research. Several other researchers became interested in this method and have published at various levels, some in peer-reviewed journals. These have included local luminaries such as Wayne Reilly, Paul Mannion and Dr Vivienne Reeve, and more recently, Katrina Reeve. The research looked at why and how the frequencies actually acted in human and animal cells and found surprising results such as increasing cellular energy, while reducing pain and inflammation at a cellular level. So, in treating pain as a naturopath, I always insist that my clients follow a logical protocol to cover nutritional deficiencies, in order to gain more permanent tissue repair. And part of any naturopath’s armoury is to assist the body’s natural self-healing chemistry, called homoeostasis.

Medical practice versus Natural Therapy. As a pharmacist and Naturopath, I get asked a lot if there is any conflict in my approach to helping people. My answer is an emphatic “no”. Please see Dr Felicity Jacka’s research findings below. And Dr Dale Bredeson has made well-publicised breakthroughs in natural therapy in the treatment of “brain fog” and loss of memory, that we understand and implement.

Naturopaths also write prescriptions – but of a very different type. These involve: food selection; lifestyle modelling within existing work environments; hypnotherapy for obese people and smoking addicts; NLP therapy that may help people with “stuck” conditions such as phobias or anger issues; “blue box” Frequency Specific microcurrent treatments; herbal, nutritional and homoeopathic medicine and – last but not least – detoxification when indicated. Most naturopaths these days are university-accredited and the above methods are all evidence-based, as are the in-house tests that are used. these vary from very detailed health screening involving™ of a drop of your blood, to UNIQUE VITALITY, HEALTH AND BODY SHAPE and ageing MEASUREMENT METHOD (whole body-health assessment technique), to Leaky Gut testing, to blood grouping and others. So, use your natural therapist for pain remission and energy recovery from recent or long-term illnesses in the knowledge that the full weight of the scientific world is behind the findings that guide his every-day advice in many cases.

For specific information on Dr Jacka’s findings, and other findings on pain relief through Natural Therapy, please feel free to contact us.

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