Microcurrent therapy for pain relief

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Microcurrent therapy for pain relief.

Frequency specific Microcurrent therapy has arrived. This  therapy that was approved by the TGA may relieve pain during application. Its effect can last for some days after.


Clients often report gradual improvement with each treatment.  The inventor, Albert Abrams, followed by Australian Dr Harry Van Gelder, George Douglas and Carolyn McMakin of the U.S. have catalogued specific frequencies for individual condition and tissue during decades of research. Clinical studies and trials have been carried out over the last 20 years by C McMakin, W Reilly and others to corroborate our clinical observations (in DOMS muscle soreness and endometriosis in these cases).


Because of the way it works, I understand that this may therefore remove the causative pathology while treating the affected tissue. This dual combination of specific frequencies can also help increase cellular energy production (ATP) by 500% and protein synthesis by 70%, as well as amino acid transport by 40%, and also significant increase in endorphin output,  and also may assist in improving other cellular functions, so producing healthier cells. It is specifically adaptable to the pain of both chronic and recent trauma.


In this time it has been found to relieve the pain of many conditions, including stubborn inflammation, swelling and subsequent infections of the joints and other internal tissues and skin afflictions. It may therefore be extremely helpful in treating Chronic myofascial pain and Chronic Fatigue. The effect may last long after the treatment has been completed. Frequently, a condition may improve so no further treatments are required.


Not only that but many practitioners – including us – use it to help firm up skin. It may act by increasing the health and vitality of basal cell layers and allow them to grow through in about six weeks as fresh looking skin, giving a youthful look with fewer annoying wrinkles.


We are offering this breakthrough treatment to people in pain or who might be considering surgical face lifts and who are willing to try something a little different.

You won’t be guinea pigs – the therapy has been enjoyed by many thousands of people in the USA, according to Dr Carolyn McMakin (see her website) and may help to relieve pain in a variety of conditions. It often shows superior results to standard massage treatments and can support current prescribed therapy.


*** THIS IS NOT “TENS” THERAPY (which merely swamps nerve endings and anaesthetizes them and effects muscular contraction).  Frequency specific microcurrent acts INSIDE individual cells, increasing their energy output by 5 times, therefore encouraging repair of the cell walls – as well as normalizing cellular function disturbed  by inflammatory processes.  *****


How do you get it? Simply book in for assessment and treatment at…..

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Microcurrent is an electrical treatment modality providing current in millionths of an ampere and vibrating at specific frequencies that give it the ability to relieve pain and to increase the rate of ATP production, protein synthesis and amino acid transport. This in turn may cause an increase in the rate normal cellular activity which includes wound healing, the regeneration of injured tissue, lymphatic flow and relieving myofascial pain trigger points, to name a few.


An ampere is the measure of electron movement or current flow past a fixed point over time. Microcurrent is current delivered at a rate of 1 microampere which equals one 1,000 of a milliamp, or 1,1000th of 1,000th of an amp. The current flows at a physiological rate and is delivered on the same scale as the current your body produces in each cell and at the bio-identical voltage potential. By contrast, traditional electrotherapy units, such as TENS can cause muscle contractions and microcurrent cannot. Microcurrent is sub sensory and cannot be felt while the current is being delivered, because there is not enough current to stimulate the nerves’ sensory receptors.



Yes. Starting at one millionth of an amp. With a maximum possible of 600 millionths of an amp and at minus 75 millivolts, it operates at approximately the same voltage as your nervous system. Most people do not feel the sensation but some do experience pleasant warmth in the inflamed tissue being treated. It operates at 1/1,000th the current of traditional TENS therapy.



Microcurrent increases cellular ATP production by 500%. It reduces the production of your body’s pain-sensory chemicals (known as inflammatory interleukin cytokines) by 90% after each application. Not only that but also it increases your natural production of “feel good” chemicals (called endorphins) by 900%. These levels remain stable, slowly regressing to about half their original levels in one week. Microcurrent also increases protein synthesis and amino acid transport.


Microcurrent applied to traumatised tissue supports the natural current flow in the tissue, allowing cells in the traumatized tissue to regain their capacities. Trauma affects the electrical potential of the damaged cells. The injured area has a higher electrical resistance than the surrounding tissue, leading to impairment of the healing process and inflammation.


That’s why Frequency Specific Microcurrent was approved by the TGA in Australia in 2004 for use in pain relief.

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