Minimise coronavirus infection


Health Building Kit for boosting cold and ‘flu immunity and minimising cold and ‘flu severity

  • Take plenty of walks in the open air near trees and gardens – preferably away from motor vehicle traffic.
  • Drink an abundance of alkaline water daily but not excessive.
  • Overall, drink around 3 litres of water daily or more or less depending on body weight and level of exercise – and weather conditions.
  • Eat mostly low-reactive foods (ask Naturopath for a list because they may vary from person to person).
  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables in abundance, grown without pesticide.Ensure that fresh foods are Australian-grown.


*International Functional Medicine Congress 2019, Gold Coast. Also Australian Health Survey 2017-18

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Then make an appointment for a “Winter Health Building” personalised Wellness regime. Full cost for 10×15 minute visits $450

Minimise your ‘flu and Coronavirus symptoms

  • if infected with Covid 19 or an influenza virus and you have a ticklish or sore throat, stay home
  • if you need to go out, wear a mask
  • take vitamin C regularly – preferably as our carefully crafted* “Wades winter Mix”
  • Try Anas barbarae homoeopathic drops – they always help my symptoms.
  • Ask also for the YEP herbal support – it always helps me also*.
  • *These are crafted in our lab and on request us to make it for you either personally, by phone call or by mail.

Next… prevention measures.

Coronavirus Prevention

Simple methods of avoiding the ‘flu or Covid 19 virus.

  • Build immune protection naturally
  • Stand no closer than 1 metre from people – preferably 1.5-2 metres.
  • If you cough or sneeze, stand 2 metres distant, take one step sideways and cough tightly into your elbow.
  • stay hydrated
  • spray plain water in nostrils if in air conditioning.
  • Wash hands with plain soap. I don’t use antibacterial washes – keeping good levels of protective bacteria on hands helps oppose the virus


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