My Story

Why Combine Pharmacy with Natural Therapy?

To understand that, let me start with my story.

In my mid-thirties, my health was going downhill. Fast. I was feeling pain in the abdomen, low on energy, four young children, owned a large seaside pharmacy, working 7 days and some nights, big mortgage, training for half marathons, taking random vitamins, always fatigued, constant pain, and contracted the “Oyster ‘flu” going around – and after six weeks, celebrated my recovery by going out – and copped seafood poisoning. Was in bed for weeks, health fluctuating, and after 3 months of these afflictions, the GP decided to remove my appendix.

During the course of this, they discovered that I had peritonitis (the “Don Bradman Disease”) that nearly felled Don Bradman at about the same age.

Returned to work – and then OK – for 3 days! Then the symptoms started to return. Back at work and in reasonable state of despair and disrepair when a naturopath occasioned in, suggested a treatment and after 3 days I was feeling probably better than I had ever felt.

At my request, the naturopath delivered her company’s range of natural vitamins etc and sent me off to my first seminar, where my learnings began of the specific nutritional requirements that drive the 100,000 chemical reactions every second in every one of the 50 trillion cells in your body that drive your immune system and convert lamb chops to you. And not only of your immune system but all your systems.

Using variations of that simple “recipe” I have given many others similar advice with pleasing results.

Then I broke out in pimples! Then my researching stumbled onto why everybody gets acne.

I then started the Sydney Acne Care Centre in the early ‘80s, where – to my surprise, most of the clients suffered from mature-age acne. We cleared up 80% of cases of established acne, started a research project with the Skin and Cancer Foundation with Dr Edmund Lobel. That’s another story.

So, working on that over some years, several people came back after around 18 months to announce that they were pregnant, after being previously infertile!

Then one person who also had fluctuating blood sugar “glucose) levels (that cause mood swings) that later on, in the nineties, became known as Insulin Resistance and Type 2 diabetes, came back to inform me of a change of address – because they had found a partner!

Then came the day when my first chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) client arrived, having been referred by a GP whose patient “had CFS AND acne – and you cleared up both. So I’m sending ALL my CFS clients to you”! Wow!

So, in the late 90’s, feeling that I needed further education in this field, I enrolled in Naturopathy. So much did all this information resonate with me that I did further studies and obtained separate diplomas in Nutrition and Botanical Medicine (herbs), along with four other certificates in related subjects, as well as the original Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy.

Then being taught the practice and  benefits of Holistic Counselling, I decided to learn NLP and moved on to Hypnotherapy in Quit Cigarettes and Reach Your Ideal Weight.

But did this affect my opinion on the need for medical practice and powerful drugs? Not at all. Why? Because, simply put, doctors will save your life if you have a medical crisis (injury, infection, blood pressure event, stroke, injuries, the need for urgent surgery – the list goes on).

On the natural side of the coin, traditional physicians have been keeping people healthy for thousands of years by using mainly nutritional herbal medicine over that time to assist recovery from non-crisis ill health conditions – and some critical ones as well!

Time to Combine

Hippocrates said:  “I will apply dietetic and lifestyle measures to help the sick to my best ability and judgment; I will protect them from harm and injustice.”

So, our pharmacy aims to deliver the best possible outcome to team up prescription, OTC medicines and targeted natural therapy – all producing minimum side effects with maximum recovery, as a team player in the wider health care spectrum.

Examples of this are: the best information to reduce the side effects of NSAID medications that may otherwise cause ulceration and distress to your stomach and especially your lower bowel.

We now deliver the Government-sponsored pain evaluations that enable you pursue this aim.

Our recommendations to this end include the cannabinoids, SPMs and PEA, among others, that we mentioned in a previous edition of TVO.

For FREE pain evaluation and best options, ask for Phil or Miral.

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