Natural and non-sedating pain treatments

Resolving ongoing and intermittent pain and chronic illness safely and naturally. 

Sixty percent of Australians are suffering some kind of chronic (ongoing) illness, mostly with pain, such as fibromyalgia (fibrositis), upper and lower back pain, sciatica, shingles, urinary tract infection, Lyme disease, cancer, gallstones, kidney stones, injuries, burns, toothache, haemorrhoids, post viral cough, endometriosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, dysmenorrhoea, infertility…

Our pharmacy and clinic saw there was a great need to treat pain effectively with minimal side effects. So, we set about developing a suite of new-generation treatment solutions, preferably to be used in collaboration with your medical practitioner.

What are the natural solutions?

You see – while ‘normal’ accessible drugs like ibuprofen and paracetamol can be bought off the shelf, they can cause ulceration and liver toxicity with prolonged use, especially if not monitored.

Other, more potent drugs can cause dependence, drowsiness and mood changes – even loss of normal mood control resulting in drowsiness, euphoria, depression, and disorientation.

Happily, we now have access to effective natural and other treatments, that have been proven to exhibit either none or very little of those effects. Some, like PEA and SPMs can also help to resolve the actual condition, be it damaged tissue or ongoing lung or nerve/brain inflammation (International Congress of Natural Medicine – ICNM – Gold Coast, June 2019).

And if you need more potent action to apply to a specific pain point, as a compounding chemist we can make ointments of a combination of two or more potent drugs, in collaboration with your doctor, so that they are as effective at the site but with minimal side effects. An example is spinal joint damage that causes pain at either the joint itself or else pain in a foot, hand, or upper or lower arm or leg that is controlled by that nerve.  From our compounding lab, we frequently dispense prescriptions for a ‘calcium channel blocker’, which is successful for example, with haemorrhoids.

Ask Phil to walk you through the following options for your chronic condition or pain.

How do they work?

Phil Wade, Pharmacist and Naturopath of

Wade’s Chemist, 152 Burns Bay Road,

Lane Cove 02 9420 4959


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