Post herpetic neuralgia

post herpetic neuralgia

The extreme pain of post herpetic neuralgia (PHN) is a result of a virus of the Herpes family invading nerve tissue and causing it to be irritated. There is probably no greater pain when it is at its peak. Up until now, there has been no really effective treatment for this condition and certainly no cure for this malady, that often occurs in an adult after exposure to chicken pox.

This presents an opportunity for us to go to work and see if we can overcome the underlying causes that generate the pain. It is surprising that seemingly unrelated factors can lead to a weakened immune system and allow for a doemant virus to become active and cause an illness such as PHN.

However, our clinic has devised a Precision Frequency treatment that has the ability to treat pain of both a general and specific nature. Let me explain…

Surprisingly, this method can be applied to a variety of conditions. Now, it happens that the herpes virus has its own operating vibrational frequency. This frequency was determined by Albert Abrams in the 1920s. Abrams, an Australian researching practitioner, developed – along with Fisher Industries – a method that could apply two homoeopathic frequencies, the combination of which is the secret to success. The bottom line is that, not only may the herpes virus be reduced but also the subsequent production of natural, endogenous pain-relieving chemicals may continue to work on your body for about ten days. That means that you may enjoy ongoing pain relief from a single treatment over most of that time.

So, you would often expect to need regular treatments for a condition that you have had for a while (chronic). That is because of the natural healing law of Constantine Herring. This says that, when you apply the indicated treatment, it takes about a month for every 12 months that you have had the condition in order to heal it. Incidentally, Herring said that the body heals from the top down, from the inside out and that the last thing you had is the first thing to heal.

Finally, Herring was a homoeopathic medical practitioner and he followed in the main the “cures” of Hahnemann. They are the homoeopathic remedies that this clinic recognises. These remedies depend on physical, mental and emotional factors, the combination of which will reveal – in your case-taking – the indicated remedy for you.

So, a combination of the above treatments is the key to success in the treatment of conditions such as post-herpetic neuralgia and by addressing the underlying causes you might expect to be returned to health.

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