Prostate difficulties

Prostate difficulties

Prostate swelling is not always from prostate fibrous growths and various types of tumours but prostate fibrous growths and various types of tumours always causes swelling.

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) yesterday published an article on exercising cautions around prostate testing. It has stated that early diagnosis does not deliver the hoped-for outcome of prostate cancer prevention, as evidenced by the Cochrane review on this issue.

This ties in with an earlier finding that needle biopsies are not the preferred option for prostate cancer detection. Clearly, putting the two findings together, better prostate cancer detection methods need to be developed.

Prostate swelling (hypertrophe)

This seems to be happening in more men than in previous times. In fact many chronic illnesses are appearing with greater frequency. Evidence points to the fact that the prostate is particularly sensitive to POPs (persistent organic pollutants from our environment). These have an oestrogen-like effect on tissue everywhere in your body, including the prostate. That’s why these types of pollutants are referred to as xeno-oestrogens.These cause tissue to grow abnormally. This unregulated growth is always a prelude to fibrous growths and various types of tumours. In fact, 80% of fibrous growths and various types of tumours are hormonic fibrous growths and various types of tumours, mostly caused by this type of pollution that occurs in the food and water chain and even in the air we breathe.

90% of New Yorkers have been found to have residue of POPs in their bodies and the picture would be similar elsewhere. They are called persistent because they dissolve in fat depots and can therefore live in the body indefinitely, unless we get rid of them. That means that organs that are normally surrounded by fatty depots are prone to being exposed to them

Treating the prostate is therefore a bit tricky. When I want to address the problem, I always detox firstly, using our specialty detoxification formula (that involves three distinct steps). Then I treat the actual prostate itself with selected herbs and selected minerals with associated vitamins that the prostate requires for normal health. Naturally, I always select low allergy (or low reactive) foods to minimise the general inflammation condition of leaky gut and abdominal obesity that constant allergy causes.

I exercise mainly by walking or playing sport.

Contact us for our full bodied support that mmay help to return an early warning around.

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