Reflux and heartburn are unpleasant but may also lead to deeper problems if left unchecked. Infant reflux may occur for different reasons to do with infant anatomy that may heal naturally as the infant grows.

You see… an occasional symptom of burning after a meal or when you bend over or exert yourself may be just the tip of the iceberg in that most of the problem might occur while you are asleep. That’s a scary thought because even though you don’t know that it’s happening, stomach acid could be ‘burning’ the oesophagus (food pipe) at the bottom near the stomach for years. This can eventually cause painful swelling, making it difficult to swallow food (achalasia) or eventually even cause food to ‘come back up’ (dysphagia).

At its most extreme it can cause deeper issues to the oesophagus after years of irritation.

Meanwhile the refluxed stomach contents can reach as far as your sinuses while you are sleeping. This can cause you to end up with painful and recurring sinusitis.

Treatment for reflux

Firstly if it is painfully distressing it is serious, so get a prescription from your doctor and take the medicine regularly until things settle down.

If it is mild or you feel that it is time to address the underlying causes anyway, our treatment options at the clinic include:

a nutritional/lifestyle/postural protocol

investigation and natural treatments into other accompanying issues like snoring and sleeplessness, headaches and painful joints.

One underlying cause of GORD (gastro oesophogeal reflux health challenge) may be caused by a rupture in your diaphragm muscle near your heart at the base of your oesophagus. This stops the anchoring muscles of your food pipe from closing off its valve located at the stomach junction, allowing food to seep back. If it is a large enough tear, part of your stomach will protrude into your heart/lung area causing symptoms that are similar to a heart issue.

having said that, it is possible for heart health challenge to occur simultaneously, so if you ever get chest pain for ANY reason, please get your heart checked out first.

The bottom line message is: don’t let reflux go unchecked and remember – natural therapy is designed to heal when you have a long term issue, so give it a chance.*

*safety precautions mentioned, notwithstanding.

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