Influenza virus protection

Avoidance and better recovery

You can improve your ability to protect yourself against even the worst type of virus, according to Emanuel Cheraskin’s and Linus Pauling’s original research. The NSW Government protocol also requires health care workers (and civilians) to stand more than one metre from the ‘flu victim and if the cough or sneeze, take one step sideways. Also if you have the ‘flu, cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm. Also we suggest there is value in washing with ordinary soap, not anti-bacterial soap, as your normal microbiota actively fight any virus.

New strains of virus

SARS is a particularly nasty influenza virus mutation (coronavirus) of the type which is developed in China from their peculiar mix of farm animals. In these, the virus is changed slightly from animal to animal until it has the ability to infect humans. The last really devastating virus to come out of Southern China was the celebrated “Dog, Pig, Duck” influenza virus. The Spanish Flu was the real original bolter, along with other mutations like the Hong Kong and Brisbane ‘flus and others.

Why more viruses these days? My belief is that this is happening due to the growing urbanisation of people, particularly in Australia. That means that greater numbers of people are living in close proximity and more able to pass a virus from person to person. This is happening in office situations where there are no normal healthy soil bacteria to oppose the virus, as there would be in abundance in a rural setting.

The point about these new virion is that they can cleverly evade the “acquired” or adaptive immune system. Technically, they are an antigen shift virus – one which is quite new to your immune system. Your antibodies – developed by your “B” cells – to fight another virus by recognising its signal protein – have little effect on this one due to the fact that its protein structure has completely altered. In fact, as a virus will typically carry two of these antigens, if you find one with a double antigen shift when they also “drift” to different positions, then you will have absolutely no stored memory-type immunity against it at all.

That means that the body’s innate or “killer cells” immune system has to do the whole job of protecting you against the new form of antigens.
So, all you have to do is to ensure that your immune system’s activity is at its peak and you have a definite edge that many people won’t. *

But what else does the world of natural or orthodox medicine have to offer to help defeat the virus?
There is a new drug that has been developed to help fight the virus, provided that you take it while the virus is still in its 24 to 48 hour incubation phase but there is only one problem. It must be prescribed by the doctor, who typically sees you after the symptoms have manifested, by which time it may well be too late for the drug to be of much help to you.
Natural medicine, on the other hand, offers a good selection of herbal medicine to act specifically against the virus, with some success. Other herbs are specifically stimulatory to the immune system, making it work more efficiently. Still others stimulate specific parts of the immune system. For example, if you need the innate system strengthened, there are several herbs and nutritional extracts which will do this.

Finally, nutritional medicine can also help greatly. Vitamin C alone can cause an immediate and powerful effect on the activity of white blood cells.
But all of these herbs and vitamins will work best when your fundamental immune system has all of the ammunition it needs to fire optimally. This depends on your nutritional status. If we can see what you are eating and drinking, we can try to estimate what help your body needs to achieve this status. Read how nutrional medices can work for you.

THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, fibrous growths and abnormal cells AND SARS – THE KILLER VIRUS

The Immune System is in the spotlight because of fibrous growths and abnormal cells. A team
of workers from London University has identified a particular white blood
cell (T-lymphocyte) which successfully attacks fibrous growths and abnormal cells cells – in a test
tube culture. They can produce these at will – using genetic engineering
techniques – and are eager to find humans to try them on.
Exciting news, isn’t it. It should be – especially considering that your own body can and does produce these daily.

What’s this got to do with SARS? Well, the fact is that your body has a versatility that test tubes don’t. And that is that you can also produce similar T-lymphocytes that can specifically attack the ‘flu virus.

Ever wondered why some people get the ‘flu and other don’t? Or why some come down with hepatitis B and C and others don’t? (After all, we are told that 50% of the population are carrying the hepatitis virus all the time).

The answer is similar to fibrous growths and abnormal cells.
And that is that a healthy immune system can do so much more to protect
your body from incursions from these and other types of germs (and
stray “rogue” cells that can become fibrous growths and abnormal cells cells).
And that’s what we try to do.

Fortify the immune system, that is.
How can it be that simple? After all, if it was that easy, not as many people would get fibrous growths and abnormal cells, would they?
Well, it may interest you to know that – in the last 20 years – the incidence of all immune diseases has risen by around 300% – various types of fibrous growths and abnormal cells included.
But back to the ‘flu.

The new ‘flu virus is a smart type that can evade acquired immune fighters – called antibodies – because it has disguised its appearance. Your current antibodies – used to other ‘flus – simply won’t recognise it. That’s where “switched on” T-cells come into play. They are really the front line foot-soldiers which should take up most of attack against the virus. And it is they which have become slack over the last 20 years. And it is also they who can benefit most from a good boost for your body to help provide the immune solution.

Let me explain. You see… antibodies are really important, don’t get me wrong. But they are designed as mere backup for the main players – killer T Cells. And it is they who will have the most to say about whether you will become another SARS victim or not.
So, let us help you in trying to pick up the performance of your immune system to its peak level.
Phil Wade, Director.

PS. Oh, I nearly forgot. Our centre also prides itself in the efficient “regimes” we devise to specifically minimise the symptoms of the ‘flu. These can also help to make you comfortable while we are encouraging the T-cells to take the fight up to the angry little bug. These methods include the judicious use natural remedies and special foods.

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Specific Flu info.
Fortify yourself against the ‘flu.

Information Pack

Effective treatment for virus infections.


Special herb tea. This is a bag of blended herbs which you allow to steep in freshly boiled water for fifteen minutes. Pour the water – still bubbling – on to the herbal tea. Two heaped teaspoonsful of dried herb will make about one day’s supply. (Caution if you have blood pressure)

2) Rye grass extract drops. This preparation has been found clinically by us to be incredibly active against the ‘flu virus – especially if you get onto it early. (Test your sensitivity to this by placing one drop in the crook of your elbow. If it doesn’t go red in a couple of hours, you are probably not allergic to it. The incidence of allergy to this is extremely rare – even among very sensitive people).

3) Homoeopathic solution

“Virus” drops. You simply place ten drops in a glass of water and drink it. For a faster result, you can place the drops under the tongue. (Test if you are sensitive to these by placing one drop in a glass of water and sipping about a quarter of this). If you don’t react in an allergic manner after a couple of hours, they should be safe for you. If you do, ask us for further information about how to train your body to tolerate them.

4) Special blend of bioflavonoid tablets. These are particularly effective in toning your immune system – especially when combined with a good quality vitamin C complex.

5) Mineral Chelate Vitamin C complex

This is a blend of mineral ascorbates that enable the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) saloon passage into the special killer T cells where it can do the most good.

Contact us to arrange an consulation to help strengthen you immune system.

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