Septic Foci

Septic Foci

Prof C.W.Buckley was a teaching medical doctor at The University, Sydney and announced his findings and hypothesis in 1928, and it is represented in modern times by Raymond Khoury, lecturer, Natural Therapist and consultant to leading traditional medicine association ATMS. This, coincidentally, was the year attributed to the invention of the Precision™ Specific Frequency Microcurrent, also referred to as Radionics, by emeritus graduate medical physician and phycisist Dr Albert Abrams. Dr Abrams built a prototype in 1910, using a variable resistance device to more accurately diagnose pathology than by simple percussion, an accepted (then and now) method of diagnosing masses in the abdomen.

I am satisfied in my clinic that all ongoing inflammation, and not just Buckley’s arthropathy, is a result of septic foci until proven otherwise. That means to me that if I can identify and deal with the same original pockets of infection then there is a chance that the condition may clear over time.

Clearly, the longer the infection has been present, the longer that it will be expected to heal.

In fact, American homoeopath Dr Constantine Herring, described the time factor of the healing process in the late 1800s.

The “tools” that I use are what I was taught at formal courses: Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Homoeopathic Medicine and now Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

More recently, significant discoveries have been made re pain relief and internal self-healing by scientists globally, called SPMs.

  • Another product of this pain-relieving discovery has been made from plant research, called PEA.
  • PEA comes in a commercial powder. However, in our lab we can create capsules from it on request.
  • Then it remains to treat other systems that may have become affected by the root cause, presenting sometimes seemingly unrelated symptoms. We determine this by the techniques taught to us that are: ausculation, percussion, Iris abnormalities, pulse, tongue, facial diagnosis and neurology examination, as well as a self-assessment questionnaire.

At our report-of-findings, we determine in consultation with the patient, the treatment priorities. They are usually:

  • initially, just what is needed to reduce symptoms
  • secondly commence treatment of root cause(s)
  • maintenance protocol for eventual recovery.


Over the years, Abrams and subsequent practitioners who acquired his device, Harry Van Geldorf and George Douglas, doused many hundreds of frequencies that responded to various pathologies and cell types.

Among these were a large number of infectious agents, including viruses such as Epstein Barr or Herpes virus, and such bacteria as Streptococcus and Staphylococcus, as presented by leading Microcurrent researcher and lecturer, Dr Carolyn McMakin in her many live lectures and U Tube presentations.

Abrams found that, with septic foci (pockets of infection) it appeared that such pathologies were reduced by the same radio frequencies when applied.

These applications allow naturopaths who use this system a wonderful “armament” of choices to address issues in chronic illnesses involving infection, pain and fatigue, such as progressive demyelinating issues, various levels of fatigue, as well as painful joints and even some long-term pockets of inflammation in various pockets.

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