Sinusitis is serious and yet rarely talked about, possibly because it has embarassing connotations.

In our observation it may have several underlying causes, including reflux while sleeping, allergic rhinitis and just plain poor anatomical design of your sinuses.

Anatomically there are sinuses (spaces) in most flat bones in your body. Therefore they are going to be located in many bones in your face. Inevitably, mucus will be caught up in these if they do not drain efficiently. This can build up, trap germs and become a problem. So, sinusitis is another chronic dis-ease which can debilitate hapless sufferers for most of their lives. It is another case where conventional medical treatment options are limited.


By using our exclusive herbal formulation to help eliminate the symptoms and also being able to help improve the immune system for overall resistance to future attacks, it is our belief that our regime is second to none. Another product that we can provide to you is our in-house product caled RyeVital drops. This is a plant extract (Secale cereale) administered in drop form. The constituents of this plane have properties that are said to be immuomodulatory as well as being able to reduce inflammation, reduce pain and help your body to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses.

OK. Then how do we treat this problem?

Firstly, we prescribe our specially formulated herbal tonic that one client has described as being “the first remedy I have tried in my life that you can actually feel working”. “You can feel it draining your sinuses while you are lying down”.

But we need to also attempt to cleanse out the sinuses. This we do with a special herb that we add to plain salt water to produce a calming and cleansing effect that has a quite pleasant after-feeling. The salt must be added in a special concentration. This is critical, because if you get it wrong then it just won’t work and may even sting.

Then we pay attention to the way you are sleeping. There is a good postural method to use that is also quite helpful.

Finally, we look at the whole reflux thing. We need to think about a special enhancer and stabiliser of gut contents and also treat the reflux at its root cause, that often turns out to involve leaky gut as much as a hiatus hernia.

Like all chronic illnesses, it needs a systematic approach to treat it and when we apply the correct steps, we often end up with extremely satisfying Wellness Outcomes™.

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