Taming Covid 19 and other virus infections

By Phil Wade – June 2020 updated April 2020 and again on 28/08/2021

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Our pharmacy makes evidence based products that are aimed specifically at improving natural resistance to cold and flu as well as novel viruses that are listed on the shop page.

A hypothesis to explain “why some and not others”?

It is well known that some people may experience serious SARS Covid 19 symptoms and yet other people experience very few symptoms when they “catch the virus”.

So I sought to explore the reason for this anomaly in the hope of finding a health solution from which everybody may truly benefit, young and old.

In this way, freedom of movement for all may be restored and the world might return to normal.


Increasing substantially white blood cell activity by adding vitamin C at around 5,000mg daily to an otherwise healthy diet may prevent serious symptoms from virus conditions generally, including Covid 19 and mutations.


Vitamin C concentrations in White Blood Cells cells measured

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) can concentrate in white blood cells (WBCs) up to 80 times more than in circulating blood (assume if abundant in the diet or taken as a supplement) as found by Thomas and Holt[i]

And the daily intake required to achieve this level is upwards of 5,000 mg per day, as found by our clinical experience, and original, peer-reviewed and published research by workers such as Emanuel Cheraskin [ii], Ewan Cameron and Linus Pauling and our own, the late, great Archie Kalokerinos, doctor and humanitarian

The stimulating effect of Vitamin C on WBC activity observed – How ascorbic acid increases their motility and killing power.

As one of the fathers of modern nutritional medicine, Prof. Emanuel Cheraskin MD BDS, studied the activity of white blood cells versus Vitamin C intake – of the type that is presented in some well considered formulations.

In his words, delivered at a Blackmores symposium at the Steyne Hotel, Manly around 1979, he informed the audience of health professionals including medical doctors that “a sick white blood cell could kill 1/3 of a germ and a healthy white blood cell could kill 13 germs just by taking vitamin C”.

So there can be no doubt about vitamin C’s effectiveness and role in activating white blood cells. His further (blinded)* research, performed at all seminars, showed that people who take, daily, 5,000mg of ascorbic acid were invariably the healthiest group in the crowd.*

His practice was to station people at the door, surprising them with the question of daily intake of ascorbic acid, after equally surprisingly asking each successive cohort of decreasing grades of history of ill-health to “leave the room”. And on analysing the results, found that each successive, healthier cohort took increasing amounts of ascorbic acid supplements, until the final group that remained in the room all took around 5,000mg/day.

You might already possess Targeted Natural Killer cells

Add to that the findings of very recent research by Prof Adrian Hayday and others, published in July 2020, who discovered that people already possessed specific, “Corona virus-tailored” T-lymphocytes (ever-present natural-killer white blood cells) that have been found to protect people against Covid 19 – even when they do not possess specific antibodies for it.

This is an absolutely earth-shattering, ground-breaking finding that turns the whole paradigm of first-contact anti-viral immunity on its head because up until now, scientists had been focussing solely on “acquired immunity” driving the massive push for the concept that vaccination was therefore the ONLY form of introducing immediate resistance to a novel virus infection.

At the very least, it certainly explains why children – blessed as they are with an abundance of thymus gland activity and relatively enormous T cell production, have been found to be basically impervious to the pandemic, novel SARS Covid-19 condition. See Australian TGA link: https://www.health.gov.au/resources/covid-19-deaths-by-age-group-and-sex

So clearly it is an advantage to have these cells as active as possible to confer even more benefit to the individual.

And by definition, to both adults and children.

Nature or nurture

But do the other nutrients and lifestyle factors help in this activation process?

Given that statistically, the “bad genes” story is a myth, given that the above official website shows clearly that the greatest number of deaths by far are in the very elderly- who have the lowest number of infections by far. So something else must be at play. And the story of simply being old just doesn’t stack up  as many people in the older age cohort also show often, surprisingly light effects from a virus that displays such terrible to fatal symptoms in others.

Dr Jeffrey Bland wrote in the 80s in his book Your Health Under Siege that as much as 20% of chronic illness was found conclusively to be caused by undernutrition!

That’s right – if you can’t get enough lubrication and power the biological engine won’t work. Let me explain…

You see, going back to the collective findings of the above researchers, we can see that simply by adding ascorbic acid to an otherwise well-nourished diet that is abundant in fresh foods from mineral-rich soils you can acquire highly activated NK cells. So the explanation to the Question: “why some and not others” would obviously lie in having an abundance of ascorbic acid in your daily food intake to start with.

Sadly, these days you need to add back into the diet missing nutrients. Have a quick look at this link and you’ll see what I mean. So, if we can sort this out – and we can – then we are good to go!


And therefore cranking up your chemical cycles of activity that speeds up cellular resistance.

The Cytokine Storm – possible immediate cause

Platelet Activating Factor (PAF) is undoubtedly the cytokine that is found in immune cells that triggers the highly publicised “cytokine storm”.

PAF propagates the continued inflammation and hyper permeability of the capillaries that leads to pleural (lungs) effusion and multi organ failure.

So stopping that from forming by activating the cellular “brakes” is obviously the way to go.


The trigger for normal cytokine release is the original invading virus (in the case of Covid 19 it is a new or “novel” virus that causes immune cells to develop antibodies or immunoglobulins especially to counter this new form.  10-14 days after the original infection, immune cells release the PAF.

Multi organ failure – a failure of NK cells also?

Nobody has bothered to ask why young schoolchildren are impervious to the effect of the novel virus that so threatens adult society.

The answer lies in their highly developed thymus gland that decreases in size when we grow into adulthood.

The thymus gland contains an abundance of Natural Killer or NK cells. These immune cells attack any foreign body on contact and destroy it.  So, if an adult’s NK cells could be activated substantially, would not this same protection be conferred on them?

And would not this take the viral load off the “B” cells that generate antibodies or immunoglobulins that along with Mast cells produce the potentially deadly cytokines?

So, it is probable in the above scenario that a novel viral antigen will be treated differently by an unhealthy immune system to a healthy one. That is that a “sick” white blood cell with low phagocytic activity may not immediately recognise a “low profile” antigen as an invader – especially a Corona virus. Corona viruses contain only one cell-penetrating enzyme – haemagglutinin, as opposed to an influenza virus that also boasts neuraminidase and therefore doubles its chance of being recognised as non-self.

This “low recognition” factor may then enable the Corona virus to penetrate far more deeply before it is “rounded up” by “sick”, NK immune cells that have failed to capture and kill it at the outset. This much deeper, unchallenged penetration of the virus is one factor that would potentially result in the PAF “storm” to occur in potentially every organ – both at the 14th day and also repeatedly at later random times unless the white blood cells can themselves regain their “mojo”.

The second factor is that the “sick” immune “B” cells may also be lacking sufficient acetyl hydrolase to “quench” the PAF by converting it to the harmless lyso-PAF. This is obviously a factor of extreme under-nutrition that may easily be remediated – both at the crisis point and most especially as a preventive measure.

And that is the case for explaining the reason for the cytokine storm and suggesting the means of ensuring maximum possible activity of immune cells in order to minimise the multi-organ failure syndrome.

So, Quenching the storm – is the solution genetic or nutritional/ environmental?

Inasmuch as the cluster of victims of the “storm” are already health-challenged individuals in nursing homes or else already suffering from a pre-existing chronic illness, it behoves us to consider poor nutritional choices and environmental issues, given that it has been established that dietary deficiencies and poor food choices or other preventable lifestyle or environmental factors are responsible for 80% of chronic illness.[iii]

Prevention through addressing dietary and environmental choices.

Other researchers have already established that the cytokine storm is undoubtedly a result of low activity of acetyl hydrolase – the enzyme that converts PAF-acether to lyso-PAF and basically neutralises it once formed. This reaction should happen normally and indeed does in some 80% of cases.

So, to prevent the storm we need to understand how to maximise cellular production of acetyl hydrolase and also how to assist it to neutralise PAF once it has formed.

As acetyl hydrolase is common to the pyruvate pathway we may find a clue by looking at that cycle. And listed as the co-factors for such enzymes are magnesium, manganese, all the B vitamins and biotin along with fat soluble vitamins like A, E and D.

What else do you need to complete the PAF “cycle”?

You may be startled to find – as I was – that sodium is required to activate the “carrier protein” for vitamin C to cross membranes and enter cells. So this completes a rather neat little cycle – the most abundant mineral being required to ensure the carriage of the most abundantly needed cellular vitamin. And both of these are currently out of favour with dietitians and medicos as being somehow toxic[iv].

Other nutrients also are required to create a healthy cellular environment

As for exactly how many minerals and trace minerals we need, sadly nobody really knows. And yet it is safe to say that WBCs and Mast Cells are like any other cell in that they need upwards of 1500 enzymes to activate around 25,000 reactions in any one instant, and all of these by a variety of co-factors – including all 12 vitamins – in order to function optimally[v].

In fact, we need to consider that one requires an abundance of ALL essential nutrients such as those that are presented in Wades Smoothi base on a daily basis in order to retain optimum health, and in their required proportions. These include not only all vitamins and minerals but also all essential amino acids, including the omega-3 fats that are essential for cell membrane respiration and flexibility such as those presented in Phil’s Oils. We even need to consider dietary adjuncts that were once freely available to the gatherer-hunters such as mushrooms (for their immune-stimulating beta-linked polysaccharides) as well as plant polyphenols and bioflavonoids, along with the soluble fibres from plants that comprise prebiotics as well as the probiotics that are becoming a relative dietary scarcity in modern packaged and processed foods.


Melatonin has been mentioned as a powerful antioxidant that maximises healing potential and natural resistance to infection. As it’s concentration in the body is dramatically reduced by electromagnetic emissions from such sources as mobile phone base stations emitting 4G and especially 5G radio waves, it is essential to protect yourself as much as possible from these outlets as much as from your own mobile phone. This reference regarding the protective effects of melatonin against breast cancer, its effect on other cancers and viral infections is one of many links regarding EMFs lowering significantly melatonin production that occurs also in general bodily tissues as well as the pineal gland in the brain.[vi]

The elephant in the room – ascorbic acid

But talking about often-deficient cellular nutrients, what of this discovery of potentially high levels of vitamin C in leukocytes?

We mentioned that immune cells concentrate vitamin C up to 80 times the concentration found in blood. But it is also concentrated by 50 times that of the peak serum concentration, that is around 65 μmol per litre according to Sagan and Carcamo, in the mitochondria of all cells, according to research undertaken by Prof Linus Pauling and oncologist Dr Ewan Cameron. Let’s remind ourselves that mitochondria are adjacent to where the pyruvate cycle resides and house the Krebbs cycle. It is carried in by the sodium-dependant protein carrier Glut1[vii].

So, clearly immune cells also need abundant supplies of ascorbates to function normally, despite popular medical nay-sayers whose “opinions” are based on relatively shallow evidence.

Treatment via herbal medicine

Much work has been done to show that certain herbs have the property of minimising the severe effects of the virus.

Such herbs include the dried leaf of Ginko biloba, Andrographis, Juniper, Sweet Wormwood and others. This link shows one of many references of studies to investigate this field.[viii]

Treatment via Drug Therapy

The drug therapy that has been mentioned, namely chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine has been researched extensively and in some cases, famously. This link leads to a number of such studies that show “encouraging results”.[ix]


So a reasonable conclusion to draw is that people who develop the cytokine storm in the main may be simply deficient in the essential cofactors at a cellular level that ensure optimum activity of white blood NK cells that provide instant defence and that in other immune cells that require a full complement of nutrients to produce sufficient acetyl hydrolase that converts PAF-acether to lyso-PAF.

This may be corroborated by looking at cases of people who develop the “storm” and indeed we find that they are known to be immune-compromised or sick elderly who may be notionally nutritionally depleted, especially the cases of those in nursing homes.

Tat means to us that improving our health through dietary, nutritional, lifestyle and environmental changes can only make us healthier, give us healthier white blood cells and that has been proven to increase virus-killing activity and greatly reduce our chances of generating a cytokine storm or suffering ongoing consequences if we contract a Covid-19 infection.   QED.

Post script – possible way to safe vaccinations:

This should also mean that receiving a vaccination against Covid-19 may be made much safer by becoming healthier, given that our immune system reacts to the vaccine in exactly the same way as it reacts to the virus.


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