Teenage health is achievable

Teenage health is achievable

Teenagers can experience the onset of many health challenges that are wrongly attributed to ‘hormones’. Sure, teenagers suddenly accelerate hormone production at puberty but don’t think for a second that sex hormones can cause blood sugar fluctuations associated with thirst, depression, mental health issues, joint discomfort or swollen glands leading to loss of energy – not to mention spinal curvature associated with growing.

Sure, you might explain away some features of acne by citing the effect that hormones have on cholesterol in forming sebum in the sebaceous glands and clogging pores. But they are NOT the fundamental cause of acne.

So just what links all these various maladies that occur at puberty?

The answer is the puberty growth spurt itself causes many nutritional reserves to be called in to support the rapid growth of glands and other tissue that occurs at that age. So, all bodily systems whose reserves are depleted are affected by this, causing maladies relating to that system. For example, if your thyroid gland’s vitamin and mineral reserves become depleted, its enzymes won’t produce sufficient qnantities of thyroid hormones that are needed for energy, tissue production and healthy bones. Similarly, your thymus gland and lymphatic system may become depleted and so you will be more prone to developing a severe case of glandular fever and the resulting chronic fatigue. Same with the skin, leading to acne. Same with the brain, causing neurological problems like schizophrenia symptoms from under-production of neurotransmitters – or neuro-hormones. Same with your pancreas gland, causing an inability to control blood glucose levels and a gradual – or even quite sudden – drift towards extremelt high blood sugar levels. So you might build up an impression that many of the above conditions are entirely preventable just by taking supplements and altering your diet – and you would be right!

that means to you that the whole problem of nutritional depletion needs to be addressed and the individual vitamins and minerals that support particular biological systems identified.

Adults too

It is a fact that the poor nutritional content of our modern refined foods and town water supplies means that your body might never actually reach a satisfactory stage of being completely replete in mineral and vitamin reserves, causing you to struggle with your health even as young and middle aged adults.

The same sort of situation occurs during pregnancy and breast feeding, leading to our unique preconception programme.

Addressing the problem

So, this process of identification has become a major specialty of ours, leading to our famous Wellness Outcome programme that gives us so much success with clients who present with these various states of ill health. Contact us for more information and allow us to help you.

That’s why we have developed our unique questionnaire protocol that allows me to analyse your body, system by system.

Finding a solution

As we foreshadowed, the solution lies in correcting mineral (and sometimes vitamin) deficiencies, in the main. This is easily solved since we opened our compounding lab and started to produce our own unique blend of vitamins and minerals according to what your body actually needs. And how it needs to absorb them.

That’s right – all you have to do is contact us and ask us for help and we will be only too happy to provide that help in any way that we can – including setting you very tasty and satisfying food selection menus and making up for you your own blend of nutritional supplements. This takes the form of our MVM powder – or capsules if you prefer — that are adjusted to your requirements.

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