Thin within

Thin within

Congratulations on enquiring about the Thin Within programme.

This guaranteed natural fat loss programme balances your body’s energy consumption to increase your metabolism so that you burn fat rather than store it.

I am assuming that you have found this page because you have probably tried to lose weight only to see a rebound gain? Or maybe you have lost weight in “the wrong places”. And that you dislike your body.

Or many other issues that reveal that you mey be becoming a victim to the epidemic of the “sedentary, city syndrome”.*

So, you need to try something different. And I can assure yu that our Thin Within programme is different. Why? Because no two programmes are the same because they are tailor made for you. That’s right, each programme is tailored to your individual requirement.’

For example, one person’s ideal weight might differ significantly from another’s. That means to you that you will need a different calorie goal to lose fat safely than someone else. And that if your calories are not “set” correctly then you will probably experience the dreaded “rebound” phenomenon, where you can stand to “diet” for only so long before overwhelming cravings set in. Probably like you did the last few times.

The Thin Within programme avoids that by employing detailed body composition analysis. This enables us to not only set your daily calories (kilojoules) correctly but also to monitor your fat loss weekly. And this is important because we are also able to ensure that you retain – and even increase if necessary – your muscle mass. This enables you to achieve full vitality potential while you are reducing unwanted fat. That’s why you will not experience rebound cravings. And to top it all off, should you require it we will turbo-charge your whole programme with our unique method of hypnotherapy.

*And that you think that gaining weight as you get older is inevitable. Or that you are worried that unwanted weight can lead to an illness like insulin resistance or the need for permanent medication. Or that you feel that you “can’t be seen” in your present state and that affects your enjoyment of life.

*Do you get uncontrollable sweet cravings yet realise that eating sweets only makes you fatter? Do you believe that overweight is affecting your health? Dis you try and follow the pop TV advice over the years only to finish up bigger than ever? If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, then you need some advice.

We also make sure that you don’t get a build-up of toxins in your gut and liver during this process. And losing it in “all the right places” is something else again. Improving your health and vitality at the same time is also an achievable goal if you follow some simple rules.

Does this mean that you have to starve or leave out the “fun” foods? Not at all. In fact many people report that they have never eaten (and enjoyed) so much when they follow our simple proposal. That is because our revolutionary approach to food improves health and vitality and helps sluggish systems “get back to work”, claims made by proponents of the Paleo diet. While more and more people now advocate our “back to the future” approach to food selection, many so called experts are still stuck in the past. In fact, the television and magazine trendies have been telling a generation of Australians the wrong thing, leading to the current obesity epidemic****.

We will show you how the goals of systematic – and pleasant – weight loss can all be reached if you follow our plan.

It sensible therefore to look at, indeed measure accurately safe ways to reduce some unwanted fat immediately, and:

Developing an individualised plan to continue this effort over the long term and
Keeping it off once you get it off and yet be quite satisfied with your enjoyable food choices
Replacing muscle mass that may have been affected by imbalanced food choices

You can do it by degrees by following a well worked-out strategy that leads you into change gently and permanently. The trouble is that most other dietary suggestions see people giving it a ‘rip’ for a limited period of time – maybe over a year, lose some kilos quickly and then the effort to maintain this new look begins to tell. Mood swings set in, food cravings dominate, they look gaunt and unhealthy (and feel it) and – before you can say ‘pass that extra helping of muesli, please’ – they’re back to their former overweight self.

That means to you that by using a structured approach, it may be possible to help improve your health steadily, keep your skin feeling moist and smooth, maintain or improve your muscle, lose the orange-peel thighs, avoid the mood swings, allay the food cravings and prevent the rebound weight gain. Phew! That’s a mouthful (!) I know, but therein lies our little secret. But need you starve? Not at all. In fact, you will probably eat more food than you usually do. And enjoy it a lot more.
The bottom line is that it IS possible to reduce weight gradually and permanently with ever improving health. And to do it including a wide selection of enjoyable foods.

So, what’s the secret?

Easy – we treat you as an individual with an inflammatory disorder that needs to be addressed from its basic, underlying causes in a wholistic way. We take into account all of the elements that your body needs that – when replenished – may restore you to full health. Oh, and the weight? Well it just falls off when we (you and I) get it right – along with a return of your energy levels and overall enjoyment of life in many cases.

To see our Wellness Weight loss (i.e. “fat” loss) Programme online CLICK HERE or to enquire further, contact us.

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