Your health assessment

Your health assessment

At Lane Cove Wellness Centre we do not rely solely on the orthodox battery of blood tests to assess an individual’s health status. The body’s homoeostatic mechanisms are designed to maintain blood levels of most factors within very narrow limits. Our methods may pick up subtler issues that may assist us in improving your wellness.

All programs at Lane Cove Wellness Centre incorporate the use of such assessment methods. These methods may help us detect when an individual needs to have reversed health challenges such as fatigue or tiredness. This allows us to implement a wellness programme before your health deteriorates too much – that is in the Zone of Preferred Intervention.

Regular further assessments can detect a shift from an anabolic state (when cell repair exceeds breakdown) to a catabolic state (when cell breakdown exceeds repair).

This ability to detect very subtle shifts in cellular health makes it possible to “fine tune” our clients’ diet and lifestyle modifications and maximise the effectiveness of their nutritional support.

Our method may provide the most reliable technique available to assess body composition, and allows easy monitoring of changes in lean muscle, fat and intra/extracellular water.

Consultations around standard health assessments are relatively quick and therefore low in cost.

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