Your infant's reflux is easily treatable

Your infant’s reflux is easily treatable

Infant reflux results in your infants regurgitating their feed. It can be projected out of the mouth with force. This very distressing state of affairs can be relieved by seeking medication from us via your doctor’s prescription.


There are two forms of medication that are commonly prescribed for this problem. The most common medication is omeprazole, a drug used for indigestion that has been found to be successful in preventing infant reflux. Without our intervention, this can be a very unpleasant-tasting substance. However, we have developed a special, pleasant-tasting mixture that disguises the taste and allows your infant to swallow it successfully.

The cost is covered by your private health fund.

The second medication commonly recommended is a sodium alginate preparation that helps your infant’s stomach contents to form a natural gel raft that further prevents reflux. The original brand of this preparation is called Gaviscon. If your child objects to the taste of this, contact us and we will flavour it for your child so that the taste will be acceptable. We have a wide range of flavours for you to choose from.

Other techniques to try

Depending on your situation, there are several techniques that may be tried to cut down the proble. Just ask one of our natural therapists, Kirsty or Phil and we will advise you.

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