Build resistance to flu and other virus strains

Build resistance to your immune system via boosting White blood cell activity that protect you from virus infections like the Covid-19 virus and the ‘flu.

Regular, light exercise is important.

Further, Emanuel Cheraskin showed us in the 70s that you can improve the activity of white blood cells by 39 times just by supplementing with a sufficient dose of a specific nutrient, That’s why I formulated our Winter Mix that contains many elements but is predominantly vitamin C. We have modelled our MVM 12:178 formulation on his research.

But much more is missing from food these days than just vitamin C. Why? Simply ’cause your food is undernourished these days, and must be supplemented, a fact also according to latest research (Metagenics International Congress of Natural Medicine 2019).

That research is referring to mineral and vitamin content of food that has declined by 90% steadily over the last 100 years, globally. So now we need to add minerals and vitamins to Cheraskin’s Vitamin C. But these need to be added in proportion. Once you have achieved that, our feedback has been quite positive.


D’r. Emanuel Cheraskin and co-workers showed in the sixties and seventies that, when all other micronutrients are in place in your food supply, adding vitamin C and bioflavonoids in a “foundation” formulation such as this can increase your resistance to cold and ‘flu at a cellular level by a factor of 39 times. This cannot be made commercially, as it is an unstable product with a very short shelf life of months and must be made freshly on request.

Also Linus Pauling (one of only four ever dual Nobel Baccalaureates) did other work with vitamin C in that era, presenting grade 5 evidence that administering it to sufferers is instrumental in helping to limit the spread of cancer, that Ewen Cameron re-presented at the International Congress of Clinical Nutrition in 1984 in Sydney.

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