Covid 19 vaccine

Corona virus vaccinations – book now

We at Wades Pharmacy are taking bookings now for the Covid-19 vaccine rollout that is due to commence some time in March.

While we cannot give you exact dates yet, it is wise to register your place so that you can receive the vaccine at the earliest opportunity.

Please ring the pharmacy at 9420 4959 or contact us

Our vaccinating pharmacist has received current training in the special requirements for handling and administering both types of the Corona virus vaccine.

The vaccines

They are the Oxford-Astrazenica Covid 19 vaccine that is jointly developed by Australian and British technology and that is currently being produced by CSR in Melbourne, and the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid 19 vaccine.

Annual ‘Flu and other vaccines

We are also expanding our role in other vaccines to include the common childhood illnesses, including measles (Morbillivirus rubeola), mumps (Mumps orthorubulavirus), chicken pox (Varicella zoster virus) and also German measles (rubella) to add to the current, annual ‘flu quadrivalent vaccine.

We are now accredited to vaccinate everybody from age ten years and onwards.

For maximum uptake we advise that you attend to the simple measures that we recommend to optimise your immune health.

We also encourage all adults, including the over-60s, to maximise their immune health with our similarly evidence-based suggestions.

Vaccination “uptake”.

Your uptake of the vaccine may be different to others. For example, the influenza vaccine is “effective” in around 50% of cases. See the “uptake” link to see how you may tame the virus.

That means to you that it may be more or less effective than it should be.

So the question must be asked – “why some and not others”?

The available nutri/physiological evidence reveals that the answer lies in your present immune cell activity. And that this activity can be improved with a better nutritional status.

For a detailed explanation, visit our article in immune health

Let me explain. You see, your immune cells are responsible for creating resistance to the virus and not all immune cells function with the same efficiency. How does this work? Well, your mast cells and other B cells receive the “antigen” contained in the vaccine and replicate antibodies that can attack the virus itself if and when you encounter it.

The bottom line is that your immune cells use exactly the same mechanism to confer immunity against a virus whether or not you are vaccinated or encounter the virus SARS corona virus itself

that causes the Covid 19 symptoms.

Ant this immune vitality improves proportionately to your general health and nutritional status, as does  your general energy and overall health.


Your ability to respond effectively to the vaccine as well as your ability to fight off the effects of this or any virus will be optimised if your nutritional status is adequate. So please visit our blogs on nutrition and health as well as the various supplements in our shop that have been designed by me and are available on individual request.

And make sure that when you book in for the vaccine you ask our assistants to direct you to me for a quick, free chat about improving your immune health.

Yours in health,

Phil Wade

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