Virus infections – build natural resistance

Herd immunity

The following comments presuppose that normal distancing and hygiene protocols are in place including current recommendations by authorities that do not involve lock-down advice. Evidence for all statements is listed at the bottom of the article.
Natural herd immunity

Let me explain about immune advantage. You see, the advantage of being nutritionally healthy and also living an outdoors lifestyle is that you may actually prevent serious infection when you do inevitably encounter a cold or flu virus by receiving a diminished virus load initially.

Secondly, the healthier you are, the better armed you are to “fight it off”.

Next,  you may receives lower exposure to live virus also due to our Sydney – and general Australian – climate. (see below).

This all changes when you are in an office situation or in enclosed, air conditioned areas of course. That’s because the virus thrives on aerosol droplets that abound in these conditions.

That’s when common sense needs to prevail. In those – or any – circumstances, if you are sick, stay home and go to bed! And incidentally, being tested if you have “cold or ‘flu” symptoms is terrific for the Health Authorities to keep track, keep the mainstream open and only inconvenience small areas needless to say.


Activating NK white blood cells may boost resistance to any virus, or harmful bacteria.

Improving natural resistance by activating natural killer (NK) white blood cells may make a significant difference to how badly your symptoms become.

It has been proven now that some people just feel like they have had a light cold and others become lethally challenged. Why?

So, until proven otherwise, the evidence points conclusively to the fact that better NK cell activity means less viral complication.

Fresh air and sunshine may actually prevent disease from novel virus from spreading – evidence abounds

Let me explain what I mean.  You see… Top line evidence shows that exposure to safe sunlight and fresh air may progressively kill the virus. That means that the further away you stand from someone then the more exhaled virus dies in the intervening space.

Why?  Because the virus can only live in human cells. And several significant studies have been undertaken to prove that they die within a metre to three metres – depending on the prevailing conditions.

So, dry air and sunshine are a great combination for relatively safe exposure at as little as a metre away from an infected person, such as at the beach.

So how do your body’s immune cells protect you?

AND why you need your immune cells to be healthy enough to overcome infection from a “novel” virus or attack from any other antigen e.g. as in peanut allergy as well as a novel virus (i.e. a mutant version of a pre-existing virus).

Children are special for a reason

Nonsense? Well look at the way children get over it. They even allowed classes to remain open and children move freely among themselves during the worst of the outbreak. But has anybody asked why?

Well there is a very good reason for this. And that is that they have heaps more NK cells than adults do. They come from the kids’ thymus glands. This gland that is located in your sternum and that is highly developed in children houses “T” lymphocytes. And “T” stands for Thymus. So the reason that children resist the ‘flu or Covid or any other virus better than adults do is simply because they have a lot more T or NK cells. 

Adults can join in

And adults’ NK cells can be made more special by adding vitamin C. Research by Cheraskin et al shows a factor of 39 times more special.

But that also means to you that as adults the B cells also need to be in a really healthy state to help you build immunity against the virus to take the pressure off your NK cells as the thymus gland that makes them slowly shrinks as you age. And those definitely need a boost from certain supplements that they need for hitting old virus infections.  We also include and also contain biotin and others in the list because the B cells and mast cells will need all the nutrition they can get as they will have a heavier workload when you encounter a virus that they already “know”.

Why? See link and look for “Acetyl Hydrolase”.

Prolonged and repeated lockdowns may leave you vulnerable

Yes, limited avoidance is important. Certainly “keep your distance”, wear a mask when necessary, definitely stay at home if you are sick, observe normal hygiene that we were all taught as children – i.e. also wash your face and hands and cough/sneeze into your elbow. The problem with total avoidance is that eventually you will inevitably encounter other people who have been infected. And becoming totally dependent on vaccinations and not acquiring our own immunity will mean that in five years time (or less) we will all have to go through the same thing again as we see another new version of Hx (coronavirus) or HxNx (influenza virus) again. And we simply cannot afford to live like this.

And as we have seen, this virus, like other corona and influenza viruses before it, is constantly mutating. That means to us that once you have developed herd immunity against the original version, the later variations will simply strike you as the traditional seasonal cold and ‘flu. The traditional antigen-based vaccine will also achieve this, which it is a good idea to have also the annual ‘flu shot.

Dangers to young adults may be overstated

At the time of writing, only three people under 40 have died in Australia from Covid 19, and  20 people altogether under under 60 YO. Those figures have been steady for around six months. 38 in total in the 60-70 age group. The averages go higher in the older age groups.

Please understand that we regard any death as tragic. What I am saying though is that if we take the necessary nutritional steps then these deaths may be reduced significantly if those age groups are being isolated, better nourished and “allowed out” in the sunlight and fresh air.

Fresh Air/Sunlight is king

So let’s suggest both – suggest to those more vulnerable people in the older age groups that they exercise more care in personal distancing AND suggest that they take the relevant supplements as above.

And we know that ultraviolet light is a great virus killer. See this link:

On the other hand, some medical experts fear that many may die from suicides induced by extreme Covid19-related isolation and bankruptcies.

Misinformation caused panic

The myth that a scientist, Tasuku Honjo, has stated that the “virus is man-made” has been debunked – by the very scientist who has been spam-quoted. It was all an outrageous lie.

And see Prof Nikolai Pterovski’s statement in this link:

COVID-19 video post misleading and a distortion, says Aussie scientist

And it is worth noting that the healthier that T and B cells and mast cells are then the better a vaccine would work anyway.

And that a “natural” vaccine would reduce fears that synthetic ones would create their own problems.

Unnecessary deaths

Deaths from the consequences of loss of mental health MUST be taken into account.

Some state Premiers look like they are running political image campaigns rather than showing any concern for the long term welfare of their voters and taxpayers.

Health Advice Lacking

Boosting health with known and proven methods MUST be given some air. Literally. Sunlight is a well-known virus-killer, as low humidity. The combination – as in being on a beach – is effective in preventing the spread of the virus. And it does give a chance of inhaling the attenuated virus, that can give herd immunity.

Australia has the answer

Tie in that with the knowledge that herd immunity is our only real defence in the short term and far more effective than any vaccine in the long term, and the answer is obvious.

Healthy people under 40 must be allowed to catch the virus until sufficient have got it to allow herd immunity.

How do you acquire health with proven results? Link to this.

Here’s my hypothesis in a nutshell:

By Phillip Wade, 23/4/2020© with amendments of 4/1/2021

B.Pharm Syd Uni. Post Grad Diplomas: ND (Adv), Dip Nutr, Dip Bot Med, DRM; MATMS

Healthy people regardless of age will better survive the “attack” of the Novel SARS CoVid-2 viral antigen OR ANY OTHER by maximising activity of their innate immunity AND  ALSO  acquired immunity by ensuring abundant nutritional reserves in those cells, reducing adverse environmental factors that inhibit the action of immune cells and maintaining a healthy existence.


To answer the question of “Why do some people contract serious illnesses from contact with this virus and not others”?

To show that activity of white blood cells’ can be increased by ensuring that they have the full complement of their required nutrient input.
To demonstrate how specific causes may adversely affect immune cell performance when defending against a novel antigen.
To show that undernutrition and cellular exhaustion from environmental over-challenge are key causes of poor immune response.
To show also how pre-existing, chronic, ill-health conditions can exhaust the normal immune response.

1)      To show that the activity of white blood cells may be increased by a factor of around 39 times and harness the “schoolchildren” effect for adults

2)      To demonstrate widespread undernutrition in day-to-day dietary intake.

3)      To show why chronic health conditions may lead to the potentially fatal Covid-19 condition.

4)      To show how to minimise the “cytokine storm” by optimising health in “B” cells in acute patients and how we may prevent it in the general “healthy” community.

People with pre-existing health conditions may show greater propensity to experiencing the “cytokine storm” as well as poor recovery from the Novel Covid infection.

That is because Mast cells e.g. of atopic individuals, like any other cellular system, may be in various stages of exhaustion from the over-challenge of constant inflammation. This may affect their nutrient reserves and consequently lead to ineffective enzyme activity on which their efficient functioning depends, whilst over-engaging the entire reticular system, throwing it into a constantly imbalanced TH2 status.

So, for all Covid 19 sufferers, good nutrition could be the key to healthy survival of the virus infection because leukocytes generally have been shown to have substantially greater activity when they contain abundant nutrients such as vitamin D, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C with its associated anti0inflammatory bioflavonoids.

While early researchers proved this conclusively, there is also current evidence for this proposition. That is the current observation in all cities in Australia that young school-children with their highly developed thymus glands exert TH1 dominance, their NK cells rapidly kill off the virus before deeper tissue penetration and hence do not “spread the virus”.

That means that highly active and abundant T lymphocytes may be the key to preventing initial massive infection by direct attack on the virus itself. [i]

And in doing so, if sufficiently active, they may therefore prevent future complication by killing significant enough numbers of the virus that the secondary effects of multi-organ failure and death will be avoided in all but people with the severest existing immune challenge – and perhaps a significant number of those even may be saved, given the addition of nutritionally-dense food or supplements, and reducing substantially debilitating environmental challenges.

Not only in treating serious cases but we may also be able to prevent the “secondary infection” stage overall in the general population with a simple recommendation to take supplements daily of the type described above.

In fact, given the abundant evidence for this simple but profound solution, according to Prof Ian Brighthope, it is possibly an act of criminal negligence for the Chief Health Officer NOT to suggest such a simple, harmless and effective preventive measure.

Discussion summary
Different types of immune cells all need nourishment for optimal activity.

Because the healthy functioning of the immune system depends on the activity of two broadly different types of white blood cells:

A)   Increasing overall activity of white blood cells by dietary and supplementary intervention
B)   Optimising health in antibody-creating “B” cells and plasma cells
Is a clear, present, urgent and immediate requirement of wholesale public health control and should be implemented stat.

A)   Increasing overall activity of white blood cells by dietary and supplementary intervention        
1)     Increasing activity of WBCs.
Abundant Vitamin C is key to leukocyte activity, as long as other nutritional requirements are met.

One of the fathers of modern clinical nutrition, Prof. Emanuel Cheraskin MD BDS, studied the activity of phagocytosis of leucocytes versus their Vitamin C “levels”.*

*Ringsdorf, W.M., Jr., Cheraskin, E. and Medford, F.H. (1980) Vitamin C and antibiotics. Journal of Oral Medicine 35: #1, 14-17, January-March. (No known electronic link).

In his words, delivered in person at a Blackmore’s conference at the Hotel Manly circa 1978, “a sick white blood cell could kill 1/3 of a germ and a healthy white blood cell could kill 13 germs just by taking vitamin C”.

2)     Widespread dietary undernutrition
So four questions arise today from some of the many of his published findings of yesteryear.*

i)                    Is vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in fact a vitamin in the real sense of the word?

ii)                  If not, do we have the same access to dietary ascorbic acid in particular, as in the evolutionary “moment” when Man lost the gene?[ii]

iii)                Has there been a general decline in soil and food mineral content in the last 100 years and indeed accelerating since the time of the research of Cheraskin et al in the 40s to the 70s?

iv)                Has that decline reduced the effectiveness of the white blood cells of our generation (i) to generate antibodies and (ii) to do so effectively without producing a “cytokine storm”?

v)                  If so, what can we do about in both curative and preventive measures?

Vitamins act in concert with minerals.

i)                    Given that mankind used to have the GULO enzyme that operated the final step that converts glucose to ascorbic acid, and most other mammals have this enzyme, can we consider vitamin C to be a vitamin in the real sense of the word?

ii)                   It has been estimated by some that the abundant plant life of that era delivered about 5,000 mg/day of dietary vitamin C.

iii)                 The contemporary, insidious, global crisis of potential dietary nutritional deficiency is dire in respect of the immune system in particular and overall cellular health in general[iii]. And researchers have now established that in the last 100 years, soil has lost globally 90% of its mineral content[iv][v].[vi] And indeed mineral[vii]  and vitamin[viii] content[ix] of food is on a similar decline.

iv)                 Clearly it is possible to provide supplements of “missing” vitamins and minerals on a widespread scale cheaply and harmlessly and prevent any immune deficient immune setbacks.

B)   Optimising health in antibody-creating “B” cells and plasma cells
iii)   Why chronic health conditions may lead to the potentially fatal Covid-19 condition   

Constant challenge to the Mast Cell system may lead to exhaustion of other vital nutrients that control specific pathways within the cell that may lead to a cytokine storm from an exhaustion of acetyl hydrolase and a consequent inability to control PAF, the major cytokine involved in multi-organ failure.

So, to this finding of ascorbate requirement, we also need to add back minerals and companion vitamins due to recent realisations of greater soil mineral and dietary food vitamin/mineral decline.

iv)  So, minimise the “cytokine storm” by optimising health in “B” cells

o   Release of the cytokine called platelet aggregating factor (PAF) is moderated by the enzyme acetyl hydrolase. PAF is the cytokine that is responsible for the “cytokine storm”. Therefore we need to maximise levels of acetyl hydrolase in B cells. As this is formed through the pyruvate pathway, we should ensure adequate levels of all B vitamins, magnesium and biotin.

o   The inflammatory pathways themselves are moderated by zinc, selenium, omega-3 fats and C14 amides such as PEA and SPMs.

o   This will mean cessation of the threat of multi-organ failure, as mast cells that are causing the cytokine storm are located along all epithelial tissue including airways, blood vessels including capillaries and veins, and glandular endocrine and exocrine ducts.

o   Blood vessel integrity is moderated by not only ascorbate but also the bioflavonoids with which it is commonly associated in foods.

o   Vitamin D has also been associated with diminished chances of suffering the cytokine storm.

o   Chromium and sodium are also required for ascorbate transport across cellular membrane.

·         Many other trace elements and minerals and vitamins are also associated with normal cellular activity and so dietary abundance of all known nutritious elements should be ensured in society as a whole.

·         And inflamed gut membrane associated with imbalance of microbiome and parasites is a known inflammatory inciter creating an imbalance to a TH2 (inflammatory) condition and should be treated seriously and kept to a minimum.

All of the above may also lead to other triggers for the cytokine storm and potential organ failure, such as peanut allergy.

Known factors that predispose an individual to having a healthy immune response should be considered as a preventive measure against Covid 19 and its mutants so as to minimise illness and deaths from the cytokine Storm with which it is famously associated.

This may ensure that many people who might be normally affected adversely may then survive an infection and be returned to health.


Detailed Discussion Below.

It is interesting that ever since Dr Archie Kalokerinos’ work with outback indigenous people and vitamin C, that every individual immunologist, surgeon, health academic and GP – bar one – to whom I have spoken about this – happily confesses to taking around 4,000mg daily of vitamin C. Yet, professionally, they rail against it. That says something to me.

I believe that the Federal Government should have a meeting with the state and federal health AND medical professionals and get them to agree to adopt – and retain – a rational format concerning actually increasing people’s health for limited release of people from lock-up for the following reasons:

a)    The development of “Herd immunity” that relies as much on generating “health” as on exposing the young people to the virus (as we spoke of on the night of the visit from the Aboriginal Affairs minister, formerly the Minister for Ageing, who understands the connection between health and personal spacing). There is abundant research on how to achieve that. See one of many details of actual research works: See link also:

b)    loss of mental health from bankruptcies and piling debt. Dozens of young people have died from suicides that are related to what is a crimeless forced mass civilian home-detention. And other adults from bankruptcies brought on by the pandemic measures. See link:

c)    Recognise that “Health” ministers are basically ministers of medicine. They only ask the Medical officer for advice. Why don’t they also have chief Health Officers? I can name several highly qualified Health Practitioners – academics with field experience – who could fill that role.

d)    And before you ask the “Medical” Officer if there is any evidence to support the common sense approach that many people randomly adopt, get them to please ask first if there is a qualified natural therapist who could happily supply them with an abundance of evidence that has been presented in high-grade, “Peer-review” journals over decades.

2)    That means immediately “releasing” people to cross state borders for spring harvesting.

3)    It also means recommending to people under 40 – and healthy people under 60 – that we need to view this SARS pandemic in the same light as the previous one in 2005 – that is:

  • personal spacing (as Minister Ken Wyatt, former minister for Ageing, recently spoke about),
  • maintain normal hand hygiene,
  • cough or sneeze tightly into crooked elbow, plus wearing a mask if you have a temperature or cold symptoms
  • people who suffer any chronic illness work from home,
  • isolate the nursing home inmates,
  • “normal oldies” who are worried stay at home (correct wording to be used),
  • maintain shopping queue spaces as at present,
  • everybody practices “common sense” nutritional supplementing (details can be supplied based on evidence),
  • enjoy being out in the sunshine safely, morning and evening – and then “herd Immunity” will work. The “Bondi Health Solution” is a case in point. Britain’s top advisor has directed the Government to follow that to limited release. With their winter approaching they will close down again.  See link:

What is “herd immunity?

Herd immunity means this:

1)    A health person catches the virus – mostly a light infection from a passer-by

2)    Healthy white blood cells initially contact the virus and begin to kill it on contact

3)    Some of these white blood cells (“antigen-presenting cells”) then stimulate other cells to the produce antibodies

4)    Meanwhile these people then transmit the virus to other people, usually casually and at a distance, delivering a low count of the virus as they received it

5)    Their white blood cells repeat the above


1)    A person of any age might have a depleted immune cell activity (evidence available). This is treatable by a Health Care practitioner. Results are measurable.

2)    They will usually have secondary symptoms when the antibodies are released

3)    This then leads to the complications that cause distress and in a small number of cases, death

4)    This happens mostly in the extremely ill elderly who are usually very immune-challenged by a number of prior illnesses.

5)    Occasionally a younger person may be similarly challenged (this can usually be rectified by “common sense supplementation like you take). Again, results are measurable.

  • Trent, these is nothing consequences when compared to the suicides and immense damage to human health that the “lock-ups” are causing in financial distress, not to mention in simply being locked up.
  • At least convince them to start doing the body-counts of this extreme mental stress alongside the body-counts from the virus.
  • We can build up viral Resistance and prevent the great majority of the extreme symptoms and death by simply boosting health, using evidence.
  • Nobody can help the prevention of suicides or mental illness from financial oblivion.
  • A group of 500 ID specialists and immunologists have written to the PM in this vein.
  • Why not have a “Chief Health Officer” to at least partner with the “Chief Medical Officer”?
  • Remember in the beginning all we wanted to do was to “flatten the curve” so that we wouldn’t overwhelm our availability of 7,000 ventilators?
  • You’ve got to have a curve before you can flatten it.
  • Crazy in the extreme to avoid that question of cheap and easy prevention and treatment with nutritional supplements.
  • If they doubt my word, tell them to just look up the Australian Health Survey, note our nutritional deficiencies that would be needed to bolster optimum health requirements

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