Enjoy life while being Covid-safe

     Phil’s tips for better Covid-era outcomes

Wanting to feel free to “mingle” but still worried? The following tips may help.

  • Follow standard personal spacing methods. Stand no closer than 1.5 metres from others
  • Take special care with the elderly and those with vulnerable health.
  • All should exercise regularly, preferably in sunlight[i] in the skin-safe hours.
  • Cook freshly-picked food from the garden, walk outdoors.
  • Use beaches and parks as much as allowable and as often as possible
  • Use more physical styles of exercises if inclined, and finish with Cardio work
  • If they cough or sneeze, stand 2.5 metres distant and take one step sideways
  • You cough or sneeze tightly into crook of elbow.
  • Keep nostrils moist if in air conditioning.
  • Hand and surface sanitising
    • Wash hands at least with water and/or plain soap. Ask the pharmacist to recommend the best soap.
    • I don’t use antibacterial washes – skin microbiome on your hands helps to oppose the virus
    • Use hand and surface antiviral

 Phil’s personal daily immune-boosting “resilience”[ii]* regime (more details on website)

  • Phil’s Green Smoothi meal blend [iii]each morning, with half his normal breakfast muesli.
  • Wade’s MVM12:78. Dissolving powder: ½ teaspoonful or one capsule in evening.
  • Wade’s “Winter Mix[iv](vitamin C complex): ½ teaspoonful in water twice daily.
  • 1 litre a day of mineralised, alkaline Wellness Water.[v]
  • Also takes Inner Health[vi] or similar that are important. Ask the pharmacist for best choice.
  • Also takes occasionally Wades ZinAc[vii] as a general immune boosting supplement.
  • Takes around 30 mls (2 tablespoonsful) per day of Wade’s Oils or similar for better cell respiration
  • Finally he eats mainly low-reactive food for wellness. See Phil or Kirsty for details.

If you catch the virus or have severe symptoms try Phil’s preferred regime  

  • Phil (76 Y.O.) takes:
    • Half a teaspoonful of Winter Mix* at first sign of virus infection and then three times daily
    • YEP, GRA[viii] herbal tincture**** (ask the pharmacist/naturopath)
    • Wade’s MVM 12:78*****
    • E.A. capsules from pharmacist or Melatonin.

General Dietary advice.

See Phil and Kirsty’s general dietary guide for wellness. Ask about low-reactive foods for chronic health conditions.

Dietary and wellness consults are available by appointment with Phil & Kirsty – either in-store or video.

AND not only are the foods that are most compatible with your “phenotype” also the tastiest, but they also add a sparkle to your day!

 Natural immunity

This comprises special white blood cells, called Natural Killer cells that can kill a virus on contact. They don’t need prior exposure. White blood cells require adequate intake of Winter Mix and “foundation nutrition*****”.

(The ingredients in the MVM powder and Winter Mix May help to: (i) minimise the extreme effects of the virus;(ii) increase NK WBC activity by up to 40 times and may help to ensure maximum activity [ix] of your vital immunoglobulins that confer permanent immunity without the “cytokine storm”, or the “resultant serious effects[x]).


  • Frequent movement during the day is great for circulation – either working from home or office.
  • Grow a veggie garden for valuable freshness and low contamination (See… Lane Cove’s “Urban Gardner on f/b”).
  • Drink 1 litre of Wellness Water daily, aiming for a total of up to 3 litres of water daily[xi].
  • Take the Winter Mix twice daily all year round.
  • Drink green tea 3 x daily (heat water to 80 degrees only – not boiling water).
  • Take a gentle stroll after the evening meal.
  • Eat an early, light evening meal
  • Avoid eating two hours before bedtime
  • Drink no closer than ¾ hour before bedtime.

Quadrivalent Influenza vaccine

  • Still keep up your annual influenza vaccine
  • Please book for a vaccination early as supplies are always limited

*Ref. Profs Linus Pauling & Emanuel Cheraskin: circa 1974 who noted that vitamin C with supporting minerals and vitamins boosted natural “killer” cells (that can kill invading virus and bacteria) by 39 times. The Winter Mix is based on Cheraskin’s findings.

** Ref Emanuel Cheraskin, a noted researcher on Vitamin C, trace minerals and Killer White Blood Cell activity in the 60s and 70s

***Keeping your system alkaline helps reduce inflammation and so may help support immune regulation[xii]

****Certain noted antiviral herbs (YEP) also are soothing to throats. Others like GRAY blend may reduce the extreme inflammatory immune response of the type that features in hospitalized Covid-19 cases.

*****Foundation Nutrition describes those micro-nutrients***** that should appear in our normal food. However, food these days is woefully deficient in many of these elements, according to world-wide studies as well as Australian measurements.

******Micro-nutrients that should appear in food – and in the right amounts – may include up to 78 minerals and trace minerals, 12 essential amino acids, essential bioflavonoids, omega-3 and -6 fats, and other natural elements such as mushrooms, fresh, leafy greens, root vegetables, some fermented products, herbs and fruits.

Wade’s MVM 12:78, along with Phil’s Oils, was formulated with all of those elements in mind.

Wade’s Winter Mix was formulated with the maximizing of the potential of natural killer cells in mind.

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[xii] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5946302/

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Phone Wellness Centre (02) 9420 4959 Pharmacy (02) 9427 1196 Fax (02) 9418 6846

Email: phil.wade@wellnesscentre.com.au  Website: www.wellnesscentre.com.au

Herd immunity

Let’s reinstate naturopaths and other similar Health Practitioners at the front line – it makes sense.

They may assist greatly in preventing more disasters such as loss of mental health from bankruptcies and piling debt.

Dozens of young people have died from suicides that are related to what is a crimeless, forced, mass civilian home-detention.

And other adults have suicided from bankruptcies brought on by the pandemic measures. See link:


People ask “what is herd immunity really”?

Herd immunity means this:

1)    A health person catches the virus – mostly a light infection from a passer-by

2)    Healthy white blood cells initially contact the virus and begin to kill it on contact

3)    Some of these white blood cells (“antigen-presenting cells”) then stimulate other cells to the produce antibodies

4)    Meanwhile these people then transmit the virus to other people, usually casually and at a distance, delivering a low count of the virus as they received it

5)    Their white blood cells repeat the above


1)    A person of any age might have a depleted immune cell activity (evidence available). This is treatable by a Health Care practitioner. Results are measurable.

2)    They will usually have secondary symptoms when the antibodies are released

3)    This then leads to the complications that cause distress and in a small number of cases, death

4)    This happens mostly in the extremely ill elderly who are usually very immune-challenged by a number of prior illnesses.

5)    Occasionally a younger person may be similarly challenged (this can usually be rectified by “common sense supplementation like you take). Again, results are measurable.

  • Trent, these is nothing consequences when compared to the suicides and immense damage to human health that the “lock-ups” are causing in financial distress, not to mention in simply being locked up.
  • At least convince them to start doing the body-counts of this extreme mental stress alongside the body-counts from the virus.
  • We can build up viral Resistance and prevent the great majority of the extreme symptoms and death by simply boosting health, using evidence.
  • Nobody can help the prevention of suicides or mental illness from financial oblivion.
  • A group of 500 ID specialists and immunologists have written to the PM in this vein.
  • Why not have a “Chief Health Officer” to at least partner with the “Chief Medical Officer”?
  • Remember in the beginning all we wanted to do was to “flatten the curve” so that we wouldn’t overwhelm our availability of 7,000 ventilators?
  • You’ve got to have a curve before you can flatten it.
  • Crazy in the extreme to avoid that question of cheap and easy prevention and treatment with nutritional supplements.
  • To verify the above, just look up the Australian Health Survey, note our nutritional deficiencies that would be needed to bolster optimum health requirements

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