Chronic fatigue with and without high grade pain

Chronic fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Chronic fatigue is a debilitating condition which usually has a gradual onset but also can occur suddenly – especially in those experiencing puberty onset. Its origin is subject to much speculation but our findings are that it can originate from many different causes. In fact, one in ten people contracting the following virus – such as glandular fever (Epstein Barr virus – or EBV) that afflicts 78% of teenagers and ultimately up to 95% of the population, according to this grade 5 report., Ross River virus, severe influenza or several bacterial diseases – will contract CFS statistically. Or it can set in following an accident or trauma. You might be born with the causation as several clients seem to have been – as illustrated by a case involving a young lady suffering from excruciating pain in her pelvis since childhood. Evidence available on request due to patient privacy.

Immune attack by virus

The EBV attacks also your protective immune cells that themselves need nutritional support in order to continue to function effectively.

Presumed virus attack on cellular energy-production

Mitochondria produce energy in cells via producing and storing the high-energy phosphate ATP – the body’s version of TNT! These are damaged in people with chronic fatigue, presumably by the ubiquitous Epstein Barr virus that is in 95% of the population. Probability that this is the main cause: 90% in my opinion.

Nature of damage to mitochondria

I have seen an electron microscopic powerpoint slide of hundreds of disrupted mitochondrial membranes in a cell of a CFS patient, compared to completely whole mitochondria in a cell of a healthy subject at a Metagenics conference in 2015  in Sydney.  This means that the ATP and other metabolites escape into the general cell, causing significant damage and also robbing the patient of energy – up to being unable to rise out of bed.

Treatment options:

Our clinic automatically firstly places such clients on our “mitochondria repair” protocol suggested at the Metagenics March 2019 Conference, and then addresses any pain (severe if nerve cells are affected) with FSM, PEA and/or SPMs – and other natural anti-inflammatory treatments that reduce the need to a minimum of “hard” pharmaceuticals.

Then I go to work on helping to improve immune cell health (as these may also be attacked by the EBV virus) as suggested at the March conference. 

It is necessary in my opinion to adopt such a wholistic approach as above, and improve the person’s overall homoeostatic response. Specifically, by potentially enabling your immune system to better deal with the virus, and also generate mitochondrial repair through FSM treatments plus herbal and nutritional support where indicated, we hope to improve the patient’s outlook on actual energy production over time, and reduce fatigue in that way.

Potential Outcomes

The literature offers no “magic bullet” cure, and to me,the using of the principles of naturopathy is as good an approach as any. As I am not allowed to publish my results, I must leave it to your imagination – or contact us for details, as to the outcomes of patients whom we treat using FSM and immune-supporting supplements.

Certainly, telling people to take possible health-building supplements (nonetheless targeted), take natural documented pain killers if needed like SPMs and PEA, natural anti-inflammatories like BCM 95 curcuminoids, along with balanced, compatible, balanced food selections – certainly cannot hurt!

 Gradual Onset Pain and Fatigue

Suffering from pain every day is dispiriting. Combined, fatigue plus pain will drive the client to a point of cellular exhaustion and into a mental zone of “switching off” from pain – and even sometimes the fatigue. As presented in his lecture by Raymond Khoury. B.Sc, DBM, DNM, MATMS, Prof. C.W. Buckley (Syd Uni circa 1928) stated then that “all arthropathy (joint pain) is a result of septic foci (joint infection).

Sudden Onset Pain and Fatigue

Relatively sudden onset fatigue * (developing over a few months) seems to (produce) develop drastic symptoms, leaving the hapless sufferer bedridden and often in pain. When this point arrives, either the pain or the fatigue becomes the client’s focal point. Occasionally, she presents for treatment just for the pain and takes the fatigue as a given. More usually, he will usually not mention the pain as the fatigue is the greater disability. At it’s extreme, fatigue prevents her from functioning – often being unable to rise from bed or if he does, she can only do so with the greatest effort and steeling of resolve. When he tries to move, it hurts AND it is tiring. This type of fatigue often strikes at puberty* and it can occur in girls and boys.

In the case of both, it often commences with a bout of  Glandular Fever (Mononucleosis or Epstein Barr Virus).

So, when I talk to him or her for the first time, the conversation generally revolves around the fatigue state – especially the adults. It is as if they expect to experience pain because they cannot remember life without it.

It is my belief that the fatigue has arisen gradually following the downward spiralling of (spiralling) the body until it finally arrives at The Fourth Stage of Stress.

It is a fact that fatigue-pain status can also arise from different causes. They would be anything from:

  • An old neck injury says, from:
  • A horse riding fall,
  • A Motor Vehicle Accident or MVA  through to
  • Neck or other Injuries or associated with stress and strain, such as:
  • gymnastics
  • history of:
    • martial arts
    • football
    • tennis
    • rowing
    • athletics or
  • other sports with a similar pattern of trauma, strains and performance anxiety with pressure to achieve outstanding goals.
  • Illnesses such as sore throats, colds and influenza associated with fatigue or simply pressure of examinations or from deadlines.

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