Common complaints (ii)

Common Complaints


Did you know that 11 million Australians have a chronic illness that leaves them fatigued, in pain and emotionally burdened?

And that authorities are now recommending the wholistic treatments are the option of choice because the GP system is being overwhelmed. Not only that but because wholistic treatments frequently are also more effective and less harmful for long-term illnesses?

Even something as simple as illness caused by mineral or vitamin deficiency must be handled correctly, and in a balanced form.

As a pharmacist and naturopath, I am very interested in determining root causes and helping to improve lives by developing Wellness Outcomes™ for clients.

So, see below for some of the problems that occur frequently in many people and perhaps you might see something that would prompt you to contact us.

Once we have worked out the root cause of your problem, we employ various “tools” that may help to make you well.

The following modalities may be effective in your case:

herbal medicine, homeopathy, Clinical Nutrition, massage therapy, counselling, Quit Cigarettes and Weight Loss programme (Thin Within), and our unique deep tissue resonance therapy (FSM). Short cut approaches that just treat the symptoms without understanding the root causes will always fail after some period of time and the symptoms will usually spring back, often worse.

So, we aim to do it well, so that we may enhance your wellness outcome™. We have listed here and elsewhere a number of the common complaints or health problems that we see in our practice. If you have a health problem, but its not listed – don’t worry. Our practitioners have wide experience and will often be able to help.

The following conditions are discussed at length below…

I can’t fall pregnant
Health of mother and baby
I want to improve my chances of a pregnancy in the IVF programme.
My areas of scaly skin are destroying my social life
I’ve tried everything but can’t lose weight and keep it off
I’m in pain every day
I have chronic fatigue

I can’t fall pregnant

Female wellness

Pregnancy is the end result of a healthy body’s absolute biological goal. That’s how nature developed all living things. That means that your reproductive system may self-repair very well – provided you give your body the right tools to fall pregnant. And undernutrition is no longer a “third world” complaint. For this reason, infertility means that your general system is sick and your biological alarm bells are ringing all over the place, not just in your abdomen. So, fertility may be regained by addressing the fundamentals of self-healing.

Female Infertility MAY be caused by anything from a simple infection in the fallopian tubes or uterus caused by yeast or bacteria or other bothersome bugs, to cysts forming in the ovaries or to poor ovary quality due to ‘undernutrition‘. They all sound pretty scary, right? Wrong. It is our belief that your self-healing (or auto-immune) system can be stimulated to heal these issues.

Pollutants are hormone disruptors

Further, we have developed a method that may negate the forces at work in today’s polluted planet in the form of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) that actually irritate the ovaries and cause these cysts to form, potentially rendering you infertile.

Sperm health too

Not only that, but also low sperm count and poor sperm viability in males may also indicate similar core health issues. Let me explain. . .

You see … the same pollutants are also, according to the late Dr John Lees the noted American Infertility Researcher, the direct cause of the decline in male sperm production that has occurred over the last nine decades. Recently have also come to light other pollutants that are also currently being manufactured.

So, at our clinic, we set out to rectify the damage caused by the above causes and because of that, work on your immune capability through health coaching, the use of gentle herbs and even gentler homoeopathic medicine (including deep tissue resonance treatment and foundation nutrition, so that eventually your body may improve eggs and sperm quality.

Find out more about our preconception health methods.

Find out more about detoxifying from persistent pollutants.

Find out more about the Immune System

How can you be sure that this might work for you?

Our system, that commenced in the seventies, is mirrored by Foresight International in that successful pregnancies have been achieved in over 80% of cases of diagnosed medical infertility.

We believe that our methods even improve on those of Foresight due to our ongoing original research and experience in uncovering newer, more effective means of diagnosing and treating different aspects of infertility through Wellness Outcome technology and may obtain positive results even in the more difficult cases of dramatically low hormone levels. Our technology stretches to innovations in natural substances. Such breakthroughs include RyeVital and specialised Specific deep tissue therapy.

Health of mother and baby

Our philosophy – and our long-haul experience and results – leads us to believe that not only might you produce healthy babies but also ensure that mothers health is as good as it can be. Using our methods that are mirrored by Foresight International, babies are significantly heavier at birth, happier as toddlers, remain healthier when in contact with other infants, there are fewer complications with vaginal deliveries, mothers have plenty of breast milk and themselves experience greater health and wellbeing. That method has been reported as being statistically more successful than the IVF programme.

I want to improve my chances of a pregnancy in the IVF programme.

Five out of seven ladies in their late 30s or early 40s who were booked into IVF and who came to us, have so far had first up pregnancies. Two ladies who had had multiple IVF attempts previously, did not. One of these had had eight such attempts.

IVF pregnancies are still difficult to achieve. It is our belief that it is imperative for you to improve your own health and that of your reproductive system for a successful pregnancy.

Two ladies even had healthy twins!

Now, I know it’s IVF and not a completely “natural” pregnancy and I know what you’re thinking. But before you accuse us of taking short-cuts, let me assure you that these ladies only “discovered” us long into their quest and long after they had already committed themselves to sometimes multiple processes of IVF.

How did we do this significant feat?

We adhere to a procedure that we have developed for normal fertility enhancement (and as also recommended by Foresight International) and modified it to suit the clients circumstances. Actually, modifying a fundamental plan to suit special cases in itself is our “Normal” procedure and applies equally to difficult infertility cases. To us, that’s the only way to get results.

That’s partly because, as we state so often, dietary surveys in Australia and the USA clearly show that the average mother-to-be is already suffering a deficiency of some 30% of vital micronutrients on a daily basis.* But you can only set the deficiency symptoms right if you use correctly balanced supplement. Having found no commercial product that is balanced and complete, we make our own in the lab – and can tailor make it for individual requirements.

*The 2016 (latest) Australian Health Survey even states that 93% of young female Australians aged between 12YO and 18 YO are officially deficient in calcium, by way of example.

Why the deficiencies? It’s all down to the quality of the food and water supply. Over-refinement of foods, scarcity of mineral-rich spring water in all major cities and towns compounded by exhausted farming soil in these countries and others are directly reflected in your own body’s composition and nutrient reserves.

Not only that, but leaky gut may also be a probable root cause, generating an inflamed immune system, overloaded with “B” cells. These may directly impact on your body’s tendency to chesty wheezes, itchy, reddened skin, possibly endometriosis and many other health issues listed under “common complaints”. Especially when you add food allergy incidents, which themselves are becoming seemingly more common. And finally they impact on your energy levels.

A Pharmacist/Naturopath/Nutritionist will be able to tell you what’s what in this department!

So, by using some fundamentals of Functional Medicine, we set out to change the internal cellular health of your body for the better.

A word of warning: While guessing a deficiency by taking a multivitamin may be OK, remember that you will need to ensure that your diet is rich in at least the Top 100 Nutrients on a daily basis, using targeted nutrition to ensure perfect health. All cell nutrients comprise common ones that you have heard of and ones with really weird names. But astonishingly, they are all required by every one of your 50 trillion or so cells in your body. To be brutally honest, you will need to supplement with an abundance of these in order to achieve saturation of your body’s nutrient reserves.

Not only that, but also We have devised a special mineral capsule with the 78 known minerals and trace elements that actually help your cells to regulate self and therefore may allow self-healing of your ovaries, tubes and uterus and may potentially become feretile. The incredible specialised deep tissue therapy has frequencies specific for ovaries, uterus and all other So, if you want to become healthy and stay that way, I would recommend our pregnancy and breastfeeding pack, as devised by collaboration with our associate Janette Roberts (author of The Natural Way to Better Babies).

Finally, the good news is that we now incorporate all 100 nutrients in a pleasant-tasting smoothie base that gives all cell nutrients that I have researched in abundance and balance. And it tastes good. So, I recommend that you try it.
Contact us to find out more about our specific pre-conception programs that are designed to help you.

My areas of scaly skin are destroying my social life

The Merck Manuals definition can be summarised by saying that areas of inflamed and scaly skin is an inflammatory disease where your skin cells don’t slough off as they are meant to. It is often associated with inflammation elsewhere in the body which may also be caused by pockets of infection.

Treatment with naturopathic medicine often produces positive outcomes. That is because we treat the underlying causes as well as the actual symptoms and signs of scaly skin build-up.

In the case of reddened and scaly skin, the underlying causes in our clinical experience are usually quite varied and need a truly holistic approach. The specific condition is best treated with Wade’s Skin Treatment Cream combined with skin-friendly washes. We tend to favour cleansers using a vegetable oil emulsion – rather than petroleum-based ones – or a specific dermal cleanser, such as the one made by Metagenics in the Traditional Chinese method. If you would like us to assist you in helping to overcome your psoriasis, we will send you an information pack for no charge.

In this, you will find that the questions that we ask actually help you to see yourself as you really are. But better still, when we asses this information, we try to give you an insight on the key underlying causes for your condition and from that we work out a possible remission that could last for years.

Ask about our assessment pack and our recommendation for immediate skin treatment.

Contact us to for more information about psoriasis

I’ve tried everything but can’t lose weight and keep it off

Being fat is not funny, yet the joke’s on us. That joke is that you do what you’re told by the experts and yet you still get fat – or at best yo yo from fat to thin to fat…. Why? Those same experts have been telling you for years that carbohydrates don’t make you fat but only fat makes you fat. Scientists have now found the opposite, and this gives us our method on how you may reverse overweight permanently. The truth is profound and yet simple.

So, our effective clinical weight loss system is the way to go. With this system you may achieve a golden state of forming new, healthy and rewarding habits that ensure that you can remain at your ideal weight indefinitely. And we have found that our clients are not hungry week after week.

Our real secret is that we use Bioelectric Impedance healthy ageing (also referred to as VLA – Vitality and Longevity method) to show your real progress.. With this method we are able to estimate your required calorie goals, see how your cellular health is progressing, what is your precise body composition, how much of the weight that you are carrying is water, what toxin load your body is bearing and finally, your biological age.

As a bonus we also check your phenotype for food compatibility.

If you live far from us, we can refer you to a local naturopath for this measurement and relay to you your dietary goals and compatible food selections to ensure that you not only achieve your body fat loss goals but also enjoy an improvement in your Wellness Goals.

Find out more about permanent weight loss

Contact us to arrange a lifetime guaranteed clinical weight loss program that may involve hypnotherapy if that is your wish.

I’m in pain every day

Pain has many sources and many causes. It may have been a fall many years ago, a bad lift, a motor vehicle accident, a sporting injury, a fracture, a form of arthritis or a gradually worsening pain from chronic fatigue or some weird viral infection. It may be recent or could be long term. It may have happened suddenly or could be a gradual onset of pain.

Whatever sort of pain it is, we can now offer the hope of relief by treating its cause, using deep tissue therapy to underpin our other powerful treatments which on their own can often make a profound difference to your pain and its cause. It is highly recommended for any pain no matter what causes it.

Not only that but also a few selected herbs have been found to be pain relieving and that finding is supported by well-structured clinical and laboratory trials.

Contact us to arrange a pain relief program

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