Gut, Liver and Kidney Detoxification

Detoxification – what is it and is it effective?

Imagine your kitchen sink clogged up with dried food, your oven coated with rancid fat and bathroom sink not draining.

The above is an excellent analogy of what can go wrong with your gut, liver and kidneys if you neglect them.

Most people who are interested in their health are aware of this one way or another – either by “gut feeling”, family folklore or both.

And many are not – and they are the ones who may need to read the following.

As you can see, the liver and gut are connected via the gallbladder and its common bile duct that delivers digestive enzymes from the pancreas and liver, and also the liver’s own waste. What is not shown here are the kidneys that are connected indirectly via the bloodstream. Also the liver is indirectly connected via a major vein leading from a collection pool in the gut straight into the liver. This delivers directly to the liver the digested gut contents.

AND the total length of the average gut is 10 Metres, so there is plenty of opportunity for inflammation to cause trouble!

Aand that’s where a good detoxification process comes in handy.

How do you “detox”?

Really, the only way id to kill off the accumulated yeast, parasites and pathogenic bugs the build up and re-build the “tight junctions” and repair the damaged mucosal cells lining the entire 10 metres of the gut.

And before you even start, you will almost certainly have to clear the liver of accumulated waste that it is unable to remove by itself, if the leaky gut condition has been around for a while.

You can test for the need to do this with a Hemaview live blood assessment, where you can often see little bugs that shouldn’t be there. This requires only a finger prick of blood, as in a diabetes test.

If you are satidfied that the process is worth the effort, then go for it.

But one caution – the “off the shelf” detox offers are rarely able to do the job on their own.

We have developed a system over a long period of time that is thorough and usually produces the desired effect.

For more information, ring the office on 61 2 9420 4959 or use the contact form.

So to check out how the gut/liver/kidney system operates and why this fascinating process may work, please read on.

Lets start with the liver.

Simply put, the liver needs to utilise what it can from the material delivered from the portal blood vein to make and maintain – well – us!

So, the unwanted material can either accumulate there or latch onto cholesterol and the low density lipoprotein carriers (LDL) and potentially circulate through the body.

As the cells can’t use this material as nourishment, well it just accumulates in the bloodstream, sticking to arteries (arteriosclerosis) and being sucked into artery walls (athrosclerosis).

So you need a good nourishing combination specifically designed to replenish the natural “phase 1 and phase 2” chemistry that allows these toxins to pass harmlessly out of the liver and ultimately through the kidneys via the bloodstream.

Repairing the flaws in the gut.

Leaky gut occurs when some irritant causes the gut cells to separate slightly from tight junctions to a looser joins.

This allows undigested matter into the gut’s bloodstream .

It also loses its protective mantle of healthy microbiome (good bugs) and this in turn means that the “bad bugs”, yeast and parasites to grow faster. The looser junctions mean that these too may sail through into the bloodstream.

This all leaves the liver with a job to “detoxify” from these unwanted visitors.

It also leaves the gut inflamed drying out, leaving you with a vague feeling of discomfort and sometimes bloating.

                      Abdominal exploration - series                                                                                Drawing of the abdomen showing abdominal organs of the female, including the digestive tracts and uterus

Good bacteria gone

So, the decline begins with the loss of the healthy microbiome – trillions of “good” bacteria that protect the gut from the parasite insurgents and unwanted bacteria.

What causes this die-off? Usually food preservatives, over-use of pesticides when growing crops, and antibiotics – either prescribed or eaten in meat that is grown by using antibiotics as a growth promotent.

And it has become quite noticeable that things have become steadily worse since the rules changed and we began importing fresh food.

So, we have had to devise ever more radical methods to eliminate the bad bugs. We can only share this with you legally at the clinic or via E-health.

                                                           Leaky gut Syndrome. difference between Healthy cells, and inflamed intestinal cells. Comparison normal tissue of the gastrointestinal tract, and leaky gut.

To be continued…



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