Discussion for support of the Innate Virus Defence hypothesis

Detailed Discussion Below.

All evidence related to my conclusions are available from this link.

It is interesting that ever since the late Dr Archie Kalokerinos’ work with outback indigenous people and vitamin C, that every individual immunologist, surgeon, health academic and GP – bar one – to whom I have spoken about this – happily confesses to taking around 4,000mg daily of vitamin C. Yet, professionally, the parent bodies rail against it. As soon as a medical nutritionist starts talking about health these days, you start to worry that somebody will shout “quack”. And it doesn’t seem to matter if that nutritionist holds a medical degree or not. It wasn’t always like that – the medical schools of the major universities in the USA last century also housed the schools of nutrition when the need for and the very existence of the role of micronutrients in food and their availability, or lack of it, was first discovered. Strange times today indeed.

I believe that the Federal Government should have a meeting with the state and federal health AND medical professionals and get them to agree to adopt – and retain – a rational format concerning actually increasing people’s health for limited release of people from lock-up for the following reasons:

a)    The development of “Herd immunity” that relies as much on generating “health” as on exposing the young people to the virus (as we spoke of on the night of the visit from the Aboriginal Affairs minister, formerly the Minister for Ageing, who understands the connection between health and personal spacing). There is abundant research on how to achieve that. See one of many details of actual research works: See link also:  https://www.kythera-family.net/en/people/obituaries/dr-archie-kalokerinos

b)    loss of mental health from bankruptcies and piling debt. Dozens of young people have died from suicides that are related to what is a crimeless forced mass civilian home-detention. And other adults from bankruptcies brought on by the pandemic measures. See link:


c)    Recognise that “Health” ministers are basically ministers of medicine. They only ask the Medical officer for advice. Why don’t they also have chief Health Officers? I can name several highly qualified Health Practitioners – academics with field experience – who could fill that role.

d)    And before you ask the “Medical” Officer if there is any evidence to support the common sense approach that many people randomly adopt, get them to please ask first if there is a qualified natural therapist who could happily supply them with an abundance of evidence that has been presented in high-grade, “Peer-review” journals over decades.

2)    That means immediately “releasing” people to cross state borders for spring harvesting.

3)    It also means recommending to people under 40 – and healthy people under 60 – that we need to view this SARS pandemic in the same light as the previous one in 2005 – that is:

  • personal spacing (as Minister Ken Wyatt, former minister for Ageing, recently spoke about),
  • maintain normal hand hygiene,
  • cough or sneeze tightly into crooked elbow, plus wearing a mask if you have a temperature or cold symptoms
  • people who suffer any chronic illness work from home,
  • isolate the nursing home inmates,
  • “normal oldies” who are worried stay at home (correct wording to be used),
  • maintain shopping queue spaces as at present,
  • everybody practices “common sense” nutritional supplementing (details can be supplied based on evidence),
  • enjoy being out in the sunshine safely, morning and evening – and then “herd Immunity” will work. The “Bondi Health Solution” is a case in point. Britain’s top advisor has directed the Government to follow that to limited release. With their winter approaching they will close down again.  See link: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11622093/fresh-air-sunlight-protect-coronavirus-top-scientist/

What is “herd immunity?

Herd immunity means this:

1)    A health person catches the virus – mostly a light infection from a passer-by

2)    Healthy white blood cells initially contact the virus and begin to kill it on contact

3)    Some of these white blood cells (“antigen-presenting cells”) then stimulate other cells to the produce antibodies

4)    Meanwhile these people then transmit the virus to other people, usually casually and at a distance, delivering a low count of the virus as they received it

5)    Their white blood cells repeat the above


1)    A person of any age might have a depleted immune cell activity (evidence available). This is treatable by a Health Care practitioner. Results are measurable.

2)    They will usually have secondary symptoms when the antibodies are released

3)    This then leads to the complications that cause distress and in a small number of cases, death

4)    This happens mostly in the extremely ill elderly who are usually very immune-challenged by a number of prior illnesses.

5)    Occasionally a younger person may be similarly challenged (this can usually be rectified by “common sense supplementation like you take). Again, results are measurable.

  • Trent, these is nothing consequences when compared to the suicides and immense damage to human health that the “lock-ups” are causing in financial distress, not to mention in simply being locked up.
  • At least convince them to start doing the body-counts of this extreme mental stress alongside the body-counts from the virus.
  • We can build up viral Resistance and prevent the great majority of the extreme symptoms and death by simply boosting health, using evidence.
  • Nobody can help the prevention of suicides or mental illness from financial oblivion.
  • A group of 500 ID specialists and immunologists have written to the PM in this vein.
  • Why not have a “Chief Health Officer” to at least partner with the “Chief Medical Officer”?
  • Remember in the beginning all we wanted to do was to “flatten the curve” so that we wouldn’t overwhelm our availability of 7,000 ventilators?
  • You’ve got to have a curve before you can flatten it.
  • Crazy in the extreme to avoid that question of cheap and easy prevention and treatment with nutritional supplements.
  • To verify the above, just look up the Australian Health Survey, note our nutritional deficiencies that would be needed to bolster optimum health requirements

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