Omi…cron? How do I move around safely?

Beating Covid right up

Firstly, remember that 85% of people who contracted the much more damaging original (alpha) strain of the virus reported symptoms of a light cold.

So why did some people “go down with it” and not others?

The answer is that it is possible to minimise the severity of the Covid condition while moving about freely by becoming healthier.

How do I know? Because according to the Government Covid website, by the end of November 2021, still only 202 people under 60 YO have died in Australia from this virus and its various strains (variants) during the whole pandemic.

So what is the difference in those people? Clearly, it is a difference in health status.

The bottom line is that it is possible to become healthier.

And move amongst people is a safer way.

Risky situations – let’s go through them.

First up: mixing in crowds.

Minging with other people at the beach and outdoors is safer than indoors.

Why? Because, according to Supriya, Safe sunshine kills the virus. See link:  within a couple of metres of air travel by UV light rays killing the virus.

Dry air does the same thing in some conditions like at the beach but may enhance it in other situations such as westerley weather. The normal “breathing space” is one metre before it dies, and further if someone coughs or sneezes.

So, combine the two and you have a good chance of either inhaling dead virus particles from normal breathing from an infected person or a low count of live ones at worst if a metre or more away from the next person.

Remembering that as we need to function as a society we have to be prepared to engage our immune system, then the above scenario may generate antibodies to this virus antigen.

If the virus is all dead, that is good because you will get a “free ride” as your oral and nasal “mast” (immune) cells will grab those little beauties and generate lots of antibodies without particularly noticeable symptoms, in about a fortnight.

If your count of “live” virus is low in that process, then the same thing occurs but this time you will have some level of active infection. Depending on the health of your immune cells, this infection may well be “gobbled up” in successive “viraemias” by your buzzing T (natural killer) immune cells.

And THAT is “herd immunity”.

Hygiene rules

Finally, stick to the well-publicised “virus-hygiene” rules of:

spacing from others;

coughing or sneezing tightly into elbows;

literally dodging sideways with one further setp back if someone sneezes or coughs without covering up.

wearing masks in rooms & crowds etc.


moisten mouth and nostrils with water

And importantly, take abundant vitamin C regularly with a good quality multivitamin.

Becoming healthier.

The Government website states that many more have died while infected with SARS but from an existing chronic illness. As statistics elsewhere show that 80% of chronic illness is caused directly from undernutrition, and our own national health survey of 2011-2012 once showed* that we currently suffer on average considerable mineral and vitamin dietary deficiencies, then the answer is blindingly obvious. Let’s eat freshly picked, more nutritious foods or use dietary supplements to bolster diets consisting of processed foods. The table of mineral deficiencies has now been taken down from both this survey and the 2016 survey. They showed a 90% deficience of calcium in Australian high-schoolgirls as an example of other gross deficiencies. They now appear to be covered up. They showed other deficiencies such as zinc (aroi=und 50%), magnesium (50%), chromium, selenium and many of the B vitamins.

The fact that these tables have now been taken down by the Australian Government Bureaucracy is a nationmal disgrace. We should be getting advice on how to rectify this issue – not pretend that it ia not happening, given that it is responsible for chronic illness that is growing at an alarming rate.

Healthy immune cells

Yes, the second aspect of Covid protection from abundant nutrition is generating maximum immune cell health.

It is proven beyond any doubt to my satisfaction by overwhelming agreement among researchers that immune cell viability and activity increases with broad nutrient availability combined with abundant vitamin C. See link:Innate virus defence hypothesis

Eating  fresh food or taking a nourishing supplement.

The freshness of food or taking of supplements where necessary guarantees that your body receives maximum nourishment to keep you healthy.

In particular this means that you have a maximum availability of B vitamins, minerals and plant bioflavonoids (polyphenols), omega-3 fats and proteins to play their part.

Combined with adequate water and good circulation from brisk, morning walks, ascorbic acid with bioflavonoids can increase white cell activity by a whopping 40 times from their “sickest” state.

Therer is more to this story if you are trying to recover from a mild to serious chronic illness by harnessing your body’s self-recovery mechanisms called the homoeostatic response. See this link:


Wades ascorbic acid complex (Leukozip aka Winter Mix) contains bioflavonoids and traces of mixed, balanced minerals and vitamins for maximum white blood cell activity. Available only on request.

Wades Green Smoothi, abundant in bone-bolstering calcium/magnesium and other sea-based minerals and trace elements, a full requirement of 100% NUP amino acids, freeze-dried greens, shiitake and other mushrooms, prebiotics and probiotics. Combined with plant-based oils high in omega-3, form a perfectly nutritious and tasty base alone, on your morning cereal or in your fruit or green smoothie.

Wades mixed oils deliver 50% plant-based omega-3 oils through organically-grown seeds and nuts. No fishy odour!

Wades ZinAc capsules are formulated to deliver all of the essential nutrients that promote abundant health and illness recovery ability in all ages , Zinc needs to work with in approximately 25,000 chemical reactions per second in every cell to prevent many chronic illnesses.These reactions include protein production and immune activity. We believe that this is the safest way to supplement deficient zinc reserves.

Discuss any of the above and other matters with our naturopath, nutritionist or pharmacist by appointment on 61 2 9420 4959.

Standard hourly rates apply.

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