Why Pfizer vaccine was not first choice

Pfizer vaccine (cominarty) was not first choice of Australian Government

Pfizer vaccine representatives have reportedly made approaches to Government Health officers and ministers vouching for its safety in children over the age of five years old. It has been claimed that the m-rna vaccine’s side effects are

Aand yet when the student body of one boy’s school of about 1,000 pupils was vaccinated with m-rna, five of the of the boys reportedly developed myocarditis. That is an incidence of about one thousand times greater than what is generally claimed (1-5 per 100,000 on one website, 1 in a million on another, 12.6 in a million on another). And yet basically one thousand times more common in reality amongst youths than is reported.

It is obvious that the discrepancy in these findings should give pause to the government rushing in to vaccinate under-12s – especially when there is no evidence to show that it will give any benefit at all.

Especially when all evidence to date points to the ability of children to developing immunity safely by recovering from an actual infection.

M-RNA and DNA Covid vaccines –  mode of action called into question.

  • The official info states that the m-rna of Cominarty “never enters the cell nucleus or goes anywhere the DNA”. But that is exactly how m-RNA usually works. So how can they make that statement?
  • It then is said to produce the spike protein that sits on the outside of the cell, causing the immune cells to attack it and develop antibodies in the usual way. See this link:
  • But what if those m-RNA molecules drift into our capillary cells and general circulation that would cause clotting and give the symptoms found in the M-RNA and DNA vaccines?
  • Or remain in the circulation and enter other cells, such as liver cells or reproductive cells.
  • That would be a risk that would never justify the immunisation of children whose abundant, naturally-produced, self-immunising T cells equip them to easily recover from the virus.

European Medicines Agency asks important questions, that are poorly answered.

  • In an open letter from the European Medicines Agency asking the above pressing questions, they were given the equivalent of vague, “run-around” answers by the PR department.

Novavax Vaccine was first choice

  • Novavax vaccine was Australia’s first choice vaccine.
  • Novavax is a traditional protein vaccine that engages only immune cells – not other cells.
  • 52 million doses were planned originally for Australia.
  • It was found the be more effective than Pfizer.
  • Australia had placed 52 million doses on order when production was halted due to materials shortage. See this link.

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