Wade’s Immunoforte


Also known as “Winter Mix“, this “mixture” of immune-specific nutrients aims to activate white blood cells to an optimum output potential**.

The pleasantly-tasting, slightly effervescent powder concentrate is best used when added to water or Phil’s Pectins.

It is a targeted blend of vitamin C*, specific bioflavonoids*, specific immune-focused mineral/vitamin blend* and plant-based immune-activating polysaccharides*.

*For literature evidence/references see here.

Client feedback

“I love this stuff because it made me feel so much better, and I had a winter without getting the ‘flu”.

“I like this because my kids will take it and the kids aren’t badly affected by “pre-school ‘flu” any more”.

So, why would you not want this in the vitamin cupboard? Contact us for further information or supply.

Long Term Health Maintanance

And because of the Australian Health Survey’s findings, use our MVM 78:12 for a nutritionally-complete multivitamin/mineral daily food supplement with all 74 minerals and 12 vitamins, balanced according to your body’s absorption requirements.