Wade’s Winter Mix aka Immunoforte



The following statements in no way imply that this preparation is a cure for any illness. The following information is for educational purposes only and the references may be validated.

Winter Mix or Immunoforte  may help your body to repair itself, reduce inflammation and by definition, pain. (1)

Our Winter Mix (aka Immunoforte) was so named because I first formulated it to boost my customers’ resistance to cold and ‘flu, as Pauling showed (2). We have since discovered that for general recovery from any illness, as well as preparation for – and recovery from – surgery, your body may also benefit from adequate available levels of zinc, provitamin A, vitamin c and citrus bioflavonoids (3).

The fact is, your immune system needs a high level of some essential nutrients* in order to “fire” (3). We have thoroughly researched these nutrients and have cobbled them together in one preparation. Emanuel Cheraskin, a noted nutritional researcher in the ’60s to ’80s, determined that a “sick white blood cell could only kill a third of a germ, whereas a healthy white blood cell could kill 13 germs”.

He did his research on Vitamin C only, but we now know that additional support nutrients are required (3), and are therefore represented in our formulation for the Winter Mix. They include ascorbic acid, citrus bioflavonids and ZinAc complex.

So, according to Cheraskin and the pubmed source, your ability to overcome infection will be greatly enhanced by using this formula. But he goes on: white blood cells do more than just kill germs – they are also involved in assisting with cellular repair(4).

Not only that but ordinary cells also utilise these nutrients, where they stored in your mitochondria, according to Linus Pauling’s co-researcher, Dr Ewen Cameron. So much so, he measured that just one of these nutrients (ascorbic acid) is concentrated 50 times more in the mitochondria than normal blood concentration.


Linus Pauling discovered that Vitamin C was effective in helping to promote tumour death. The then future director of the Linus Pauling Institute, Dr Ewen Cameron, noted the mitochondrial storage of vitamin C as being 50 times greater in concentration than in blood*. He only discovered why Vitamin C was effective in preventing tumour invasiveness into fresh tissue when his pharmacist brother-in-law informed him of the similarity of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C – AA) to glucuronic acid (GA). The significance of the similarity was that the PHI** molecule became active when AA was substituted into the PHI peptide in place of GA.

*Presented at the first International Congress of Clinical Nutrition in 1984.

**PHI (physiological hyaluronidase inhibitor) counters the enzyme that is produced by cancer cells that attacks the connective protein collagen at the hyaluronic acid link, allowing cancer cells to penetrate new tissue, generating its lethal potential.

Additionally, other research also agrees with Phil’s theory that cells need important enzyme nutrient co-factors in order to be able to trigger successfully chemical activity to produce cancer-fighting enzymes such as RIPK1 has led to the ZinAc and Winter Mix formulation.

Another method to reduce cancer cell invasiveness, especially from metastatic cells, was brought to Australia by Rd Robert Buist***. This is called hydrolysed citrus pectin. We also use citrus pectin in our own “mixed pectins“, that also possess other important health protective and preventive illness properties.

And of course, we now understand the importance of turmeric in inhibiting the oncogene and activating the tumour suppressor gene from the Metagenics 2012 International Congress.


Scurvy is caused by lack of not only vitamin C but also its companion bioflavonoids. This was known by polynesians for centuries and “discovered” by a French scientist in the 1800s. What is scurvy? A disease causing skin to commence decomposing while you are still alive. Winter Mix therefore may help to repair not only skin tissue but also internal tissue, and so may help your body to repair itself after a trauma or injury.

***Presented at a symposium conducted by Dr Buist in 2005.

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