Wade’s Weight loss Supa Smoothi-plus System

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Thin Within Weight loss system comprises:
1 Initial Consult
6 Weekly weigh-ins, advice as well as Biomarker Age evaluations (BIAs)
in addition, to achieve optimum results in both health and body re-shaping, we recommend instead of meals:

84 Supa smoothi-plus Drinks (2 tubs)
21 Keto Bars (1 Bar per day)

Phil Wade’s exclusive clinical weight loss advice combined with the popular Supa Smoothi-plus System. $800 worth of Value for only $450 for January only.

This pack with Phil’s healthful advice, weekly BIA’s to measure your progress and nutritional supplement support will get you well on the way.

Normalise your weight. Get that figure you’ve always wanted, get your old figure back. or simply feel stronger and healthier.

Let us help you to try to not only loose weight, but also improve your health and vitality.

Our special screening tests will reveal possible reasons for present ill health – and overweight – and allow us to map out a wellness strategy for you.

Book in now for a consultation on how our low reactive diets work and what they can do for your health.

If you are a distance client, let us help you commence a journey down the right path instead of the flight path by Emailing or phoning us for a questionnaire.

Learn an effective and fun way to help reduce weight and improve your health and vitality at the same time.

Just what IS “Targeted Nutrition?

Pop in and find out or book in for a VLA and a brief look at the plan. You will be surprised just how easy it all is – not only to loose weight but also to keep it off.

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Phil Wade