If you would like a Wellness Program designed for you please fill in the Enquiry Form and we will send you our New Client Pack which consists of an in-depth questionnaire and helpful information about our programs.

Our Thin Within programme is especially helpful if your goal is to lose weight permanently.

Programs we offer:

It will take 1-2 hours to complete the questionnaire. Once the completed questionnaire has been returned to the centre we will provide an in-depth, written analysis of your health status and develop a wellness strategy that is specifically designed to treat the underlying causes of your health issues.

The cost of this program is usually $270.00 and includes:

  • Written Analysis of your Health Status
  • Suggested Wellness program, including a list of suggested nutritional supplements and scientifically developed natural remedies
  • Phone consultation to discuss the Analysis and suggested program – (up to 30 minutes)
  • Depending on the results of the analysis, we may need to refer you to a Wellness practitioner in your area for a complete physical examination and report

Special introductory offer of $80 off for a limited time!

Please understand that this is the first step of your wellness program and further consultations are usually required to achieve your long term Wellness Outcome.
Please call the number at the bottom of your screen to arrange your consultation, or contact us by email

In House clients
We will administer our tests in-house for you so that we can narrow down the source of any problems that you may be experiencing, whether they are of a transient natuire or a more long-lasting issue. We encourage distance clients to attend the clinic at least once so that we can complete our tests and give you a full physical examination, to add to our information bank about you.

Contact us for information on the programs: