Just as we may be able to do a lot to prevent chronic illness and prevent some ill-health conditions, we can also use natural medicine to help to recover from one or more of such eventualities.

Now straight away this implies that we use certain vitamins or particular minerals, fatty acids or amino acids as some sort of “magic bullet” in the way that medical practitioners use pharmaceutical drugs. Well, let me say from the outset that nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that we employ supplements and herbal medicine to harmonise with the body’s self-healing response, called homoeostasis.

Diet and Disease

To some this might sound a little “out there”. But to those I say, consider Cheraskin and company. Emanuel Cheraskin was a professor of medicine in the 50s to 90s or so. He published a seminal book that first linked dietary deficiencies to disease. The book was strangely enough called Diet and Disease and first published in 1962.

In this book of numerous chapters, Cheraskin compiled all the evidence known at the time. This was no mean feat, as hundreds, perhaps thousands of experiments and other studies had been conducted in many university medical schools over the decades in the United States, Japan and Sydney, all published in peer-reviewed journals and archived. What were these studies about? They were on individual vitamins that had been discovered with some excitement over the preceding decades. He cited over a hundred such references for each chapter.

Sugar is sweet…

These rigorous studies, collectively, proved beyond doubt that the noticeable increase in incidents of chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, cancer, lung diseases such as asthma, and coronary artery disease had definite links with either deficiencies of vitamins or excesses of refined foods (“empty calories“).

Cheraskin’s attention-grabber was his catchcry that “I can cure ‘most anything with vitamin C”, but then went on to say, in his public addresses (that were entertaining as well as informative) that he was concerned in the decline in minerals in some foods. And we now know how these vitamins and minerals actually work in the cells together, by activating specific enzymes. And mathematicians can surprise you with the number of possible combinations of 78 minerals and 12 vitamins. There need to be a lot because your own cells each burn up about 100,000 chemical reactions every second.

And it has taken us until now to actually recognise this.

Extrapolating these combined findings has led to my formulating in our compounding lab our “Winter Mix”.

Simple but effective

Cheraskin was the first to run a simple experiment to show a 1,000 times difference of iron content of tomatoes grown in different regions. The first to show that “killer” white blood cells can differ by 40 times in its activity under certain nutritious conditions.

Now, white blood cells not only protect us from developing infection, but also do so much more.

Linus Pauling’s Greatness

Linus Pauling discovered the structure of DNA, describing the alpha helix shape and got a Nobel Prize for it. But few know that he got his second Nobel Prize – one of the only dual Nobel bachelaurates on earth – for discovering the role of vitamin C in helping people to recover from cancer.

Ewen Cameron’s Boldness

World renowned oncologist, Ewen Cameron, Pauling’s associate, told us in the 80s how they co-discovered the mechanism of action. This is an intriguing story in itself, telling of a normally-produced human enzyme that inhibited the invasive enzyme (hyaluronidase) produced by cancer cells. This effectively stops them from invading new tissue.

Bob Buist’s Originality

Bob Buist brought to Australia a method of preventing metastatic cancer cells from implanting on capillary walls and so stop tumours from developing. Bob’s catchcry was that it was not the growth potential that gave cancer its lethal potential but it’s invasiveness. Stop the tumour invading and you prevent it from spreading. Bob also brought calcium orotate to Australia – co-discovered with Jeffrey Bland. Bob’s own investigation into calcium orotate’s properties also brought a breakthrough discovery in how to encapsulate tumours in bone and prevent their spreading. This has given us a huge clue also in using the chelation properties of calcium orotate in reducing calcification in soft tissue that is the major cause of arthritis.