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Why should I supplement with Phil’s Green Smoothi? What is different about it?

Phil’s Green Smoothi as a food provides the perfect drink base for your daily healthy nutritional requirements, many of which are deficient in the average daily diet, according to the Australian Health Survey.. Let me explain what that means.

You see … Phil’s Green Smoothi makes a drink base that provides complete daily nutrition. Possibly the world’s first complete nutritional supplement. That means that it gives you around 90 vitamins and minerals plus other essential nutrients, totalling around 105 elements or types of elements that your body cannot make for itself. These are all the essential nutrients that your body’s cells require to make all other proteins. In other words, they are needed to convert, for example, lamb chops into human beings! AND You are simply not obtaining them from all but the most extreme, healthy diet. In fact, we are trending towards the frankly disastrous “empty calorie” daily food intake that exists in the USA.

Recipe tip:   Take with cold water or add ice. Adding frozen blueberries changes up the flavour.  I enjoy adding it to my morning organic, wheat free, pre-soaked muesli.

Why can’t I get all these from a “healthy diet”?

Why? Simply because you lose these by natural processes of excretion daily. AND the food and water supply does not provide sufficient of these elements as it should.*

*Ref. (1)  The Australian Dietary Survey and (2) Dr Felice Jacka.

I always also ensure that I advise my clients  to supplement with all vitamins and minerals, and not just individual ones. Why? simply because your cells require companion minerals to be able to absorb them properly and to activate all 100,000 chemical cellular processes across the board that occur every second in every cell. Or should, if they are well-nourished.

That’s why I also recommend in some cases that clients receive the MVM 12:78 powder to be taken say, at the evening meal, if they take the smoothi with the breakfast meal.

So, you may be pleasantly surprised how much better you begin to feel when you supplement one or two meals a day with my Green Smoothi and Oils that may then give you a complete nutritional intake!**

Caution: I always take half of my normal meal when adding Phil’s Green Smoothi base and Phil’s Oil so that I experience good muscle and bone growth, make cell walls more efficient and reduce my body fat.***

***This has been shown when I measure it with my VLA device, that costs only $10 to apply after Health Fund reimbursement.

AND according to Metagenics International Congress on the Microbiome, it may also enhance my health long-term.

Hint: Best used freshly made, as we make it in our lab at present, by customer request, in non-commercial quantities.

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