Wade’s Green Supasmoothi Plus

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Phil’s Supasmoothi Plus 1.1Kg

What everyone needs!

Wade supasmoothi plus

What everyone needs! It may act as a total meal replacement only when combined with Wades’s Oils. Why? Because it then gives you ALL 105 elements that your body needs for optimum health. That means to you that it contains all the elements of Phil’s Green Smoothi, plus extra, active, infection-targeting and body-reshaping amino acids, all blended to enable your body to use them with 100% efficiency.

This system has helped people with osteoporosis to return normal bone density and significant bone re-growth. Evidence available on request.

The bottom line is that your body only receives the nutrients that it requires to become healthy, without receiving “empty” calories that will just make you fat and unhealthy.

It also helps you to return to your ideal weight when used correctly AND ONLY on our naturopath’s advice.

Why must it be taken with Wade’s Oils?

Supasmoothi is only a complete supplement when taken with the omega-3 oils that your body needs for health. Taking one without the other will lead to an inadequately balanced dietary intake. Wade’s Oils have the advantage of giving you the perfect mixture of oils that are essential to your cells’ nutritional requirements but also they achieve this without having to take dietary amounts of fish oil every day!

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