The Natural way to better health.

Common sense tells us that living a healthier lifestyle makes you feel better. So, what exactly is a healthier lifestyle?

You don’t need me to tell you because know from your own life’s experience. And that experience is an invaluable tool to move you forward. So, the answer is the naturopath’s motto: fresh air, exercise and good food will be sure to help you to improve.

but these days, there is a catch. what is it? ah, that’s right – I live in a polluted, high-rise city with the pollution and building towers growing daily. so, there goes the fresh air. food is becoming ridiculously expensive, unlike cities like London, where I am told that even fresh, organic food is cheaper.

So, chances are that you will need to look at food in a different light and perhaps consider a healthy supplement to keep you going because your old, stored food and town water supply simply don’t cut it.* But wouldn’t it be good if you could find the right formula to ensure “healthy” food choices, and just one supplement that provided all 105 elements that your body cannot make, to cover health-challenging dietary deficiencies?                                              *Australian Dietary Survey.

Well that’s why Phil and Kirsty between them cooked up Phil’s Green Smoothie. Kirsty was sick of having to explain to our clinic clients that they needed numbers of supplements to cover dietary deficiencies, and Phil was becoming too embarrassed to “tell the whole truth”.  So, the above food product contains all 105 of these commonly deficient elements.

Now Phil can concentrate more on sleuthing out the root causes that may be the real reason that many chronic illnesses develop, like chronic fatigue* and Type 2 diabetes,** and hence be able to manage them in a better, healthier way.

** //